selling my home now: Coming Soon to East Plano TX - 02/14/19 05:41 PM
Coming soon to East Plano. Great house 3 bedrooms 2 full bath with 2 car garage great backyard. moving ready.
More picture coming this weekend.
1,456 Sq Ft house.
List price $199,500
Ready for viewing on February 25 2019
Saty tune for new updates.

selling my home now: Have you been thinking about putting your house on the market? - 10/18/18 05:31 PM

Have you been thinking about putting your house on the market? What about moving-up to the house of your dreams? With supply and demand continuing to raise prices, now may be the perfect time! Let's get together to discuss why you should list your house for sale this fall!

selling my home now: Is There a Shift Happening in the Real Estate Market? - 09/27/18 10:31 AM

Housing inventory is up year-over-year for the first time in three years which means that home price appreciation will likely begin to slow. If you're looking to buy or sell a home, now is still a great time! Let's get together today to go over what this shift in the market means for you.

selling my home now: 4 WAYS TO BOOST YOUR HOME'S CURB APPEAL - 11/03/16 08:49 AM
Apart from the possibility of a quick sale, punching up your home’s curb appeal is a good way to sell your house for more money. According to stats, thirty two percent of buyer’s agents believe home staging increases the dollar value buyers are willing to offer from one percent to five percent. Every type of buyer, no matter the age group desires to live in a home with beautiful landscape, pleasing color and a welcoming feel.
Curb appeal is simply creating the emotional appeal that will draw buyers into your home and leave them wanting to buy. Here are some … (2 comments)

selling my home now: 4 COMMON HOME BUYING MISHAPS TO AVOID - 11/03/16 08:35 AM
Home buying is exciting and it’s similar to a new adventure. It’s easy to make mistakes though, especially emotional mistakes. Many buyers allow their feelings to cloud their judgment, hence avoidable mistakes occur. Since home buying is a big purchase, it might be the biggest investment you make. It is necessary to get familiar with the mistakes and unforeseen situations that may arise within the home buying process.
1. Foregoing the pre-approval process
A buyer who is only prequalified for a loan will be able to search for homes but sellers and their agents prefer to work with pre-approved buyers, resulting in a … (1 comments)

selling my home now: 4 TIPS FOR CHOOSING A HOME INSPECTOR - 11/03/16 08:33 AM
Most people go for the home inspector with the cheapest rate. But choosing a home inspector is really important and can cost you a lot more than you paid the inspector. The home search and buying process is stressful enough. Making a wrong choice in inspectors can make the effort worth nothing. So here are 4 tips for choosing a home inspector.
1. Inquire
Ask for past clients from your home inspector and talk with them. It is important to work with an inspector who is knowledgeable and professional. Call the inspector and note how they speak with you over the phone. Will … (2 comments)

Real estate foreclosures may be an unlucky occurrence for the seller, but for a savvy buyer, foreclosures present an advantageous opportunity. How do you approach foreclosures?
1. Research. There are many resources available online about foreclosures. The most important thing to know is how much money you have and how much you want to spend on repairs. There are foreclosure listing websites that now have advanced search options. You can narrow down the list based on your desired location and budget. Once you know these things, you wouldn’t spend time on homes that will eventually turn out to be a waste of … (1 comments)

selling my home now: 7 SIMPLE TIPS TO STAGE A GREAT OPEN HOUSE - 10/04/16 05:31 AM
Open houses offer a chance to build connections and present your most prized possession in its best possible light. You only get one chance to make the best impression. Hence you and your real estate agent need to be well prepared. Remove all unwelcoming odors, clear clutter, create a good landscape and follow these tips to stage a great open house. 
The best scent is no scent according to a recent study that shows that 30% of your potential buyers are irritated by scents. So, that cinnamon air freshener might chase 30% of your buyers away. Hence it’s wiser to avoid the use of air fresheners and scented candles. Apart from eliminating the use of scents, you … (1 comments)

selling my home now: 5 Signs You're Ready To List Your Home - 05/14/15 05:47 AM
Do you ever find your thoughts going back and forth about whether or not to sell your home?  As you contemplate your decision, there are many factors to consider, including the current state of the real estate market as well as your lifestyle and financial situation.
After years of housing recovery, we are continuing to experience a shortage of inventory among homes for sale in today's real estate market.  Fortunately for you, it's a total seller's market right now.  According to the National Association of REALTORS, there was a recent 6.1 percent increase of existing-home sales.  This is the highest annual rate … (0 comments)

selling my home now: Why sell your home now? - 01/08/15 12:19 AM
It is widely said by many people that the best time to sell your home is during the spring or summer.  Why?  The reasoning is that spring and summer weather allow you to show off your home better and that people don’t want to drive around in cold weather to look for a new home.
Here are 3 good reasons to sell your home now….in the winter….when it’s cold…. and kids are still going strong in this school year:
When the prices of homes rise, so does home equity.  Now may be a great time to get out from … (0 comments)

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