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Have you ever been in a situation where you have to prove to client that you are not like the others?  That in fact you chose this career because you want to make a difference in the practices of your profession?  Although, I do not currently sell real estate, I remember running into customers wh...
There is a great article in the Qualified Remodeler magazine that sort of ties into my previous blog on buying products that save energy and money.  This article summarizes many products that help the environment but also the customer's budget.  Even if you are not in the remodeling business it m...
As I mentioned previously in a recent blog, the website is a great resource for yourself and clients who are looking to saveenergy and money.  The website has a vast amount of information even on certain products that meet or exceed the EnergyStar ratings, therefore, helping the en...
Below is a great link to an EnergyStar website where it will tell you where air leaks generally come from and how to correct the problems.  The website has guidelines, images, and tools that will help you or your clients in identifying possible air leaks.  There is also great information on addin...
When I was in real estate, I utilized this website below to send out valuable information about everything around their home.  Individuals who received the e-mails and info seemed to enjoy what they read.  It was also a good tool for me to reach out to clients and keep in touch.  Basically I was ...
Below are two great links that leads to information on tax credits from the IRS for homeowners installing products that make their homes more energy efficient.  These products could include insulation, exterior windows, exterior doors, and other items that meet Energy Star ratings.  Of course, an...
The United States Department of Energy has a great website that has very useful information on saving energy and what products are the best!  I have always been interested in tankless hot water heaters (demand water heaters) and just wanted to spread the word about these.  We have installed these...

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