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In an article published by John Cook, in the P-I REPORTER states that The National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC) filed a 12 page complaint against Zillow with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).  It's complaint states that Zillow's valuation too is highly "inaccurate and misleading to c...
I recently read an article written by Gerri Willis a writer for Money Magazine.  She commented that there's four renovations that when done, could hurt you in the eyes of the buyer.  Do you know which ones they are?  (My Blog is based on her article.)Well the first one applies to the Indianapolis...
A home inspection is a visual inspection by a Certified Inspector pertaining to the physical condition of the home you wish to purchase.  It covers the home's structure, construction and mechanical systems.  This normally includes:The roof and its componentsThe exterior of the home.The foundation...
As many of you know, homes are sitting on the market longer.  More people are experiencing their listings expire or being on the market for a year or more.  To combat that, I and other Realtors®. ask for sellers to consider the low end of a suggested listing price or a price reduction.  So often ...
In the Indianapolis area as well as many other areas, there's quite a few foreclosures these days.  Foreclosure usually happens when a homeowner can't afford to make the monthly mortgage payments any longer.  Some of the reasons for this are:  divorce, lay-off or job loss, illness, over-extending...
So many times when I speak to people, whether they are possible clients or people I meet when I'm out and about there's a misconception that a Realtor sets the price of a home when it's listed.  In reality, it goes back to the market and that "supply and demand" rule.  Most everyone knows, when t...
Not long ago, I contacted a homeowner about their expired listing.  One of the first questions I was asked by them was whether I really wanted to sell this home or just get another listing. . .  I hadn't been asked this question before but it is a valid one.  Most homeowners experience a bunch of...

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