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When I was growing up in Detroit, I remember checking in on two elderly women that lived in my neighborhood.  Both were fragile in health and maintained that they wanted to live in their homes and not be a burden on their families.  (While I didn't know this at the time, both were very lonely too...
Yesterday I received a notice in the mail regarding the deed to my home.  It supposedly came from the National Deed Service, Inc. in Washington, D.C.  It stated that The U.S. Government Federal Citizen Information Center website recommended that property owners should have an official or certifie...
Is your blog receiving repeat visits?  Several people in the real estate industry are starting to embrace the idea of blogging.  If you have just decided to start blogging, you maybe wondering how you are going to get people coming back and staying interested.What does it take?  Well fresh conten...
We read about it in our newspapers, hear about it on the news and have seen it in our neighborhoods.  Foreclosures are on the rise.  Unfortunately, Indianapolis, Indiana has been in the top 5 states for the last couple of years.  Why is this happening more and more and what can you do to keep it ...
Seeing as it is Valentines Day I'd like to share a cute story Bob and I read shortly after we married.  I'd also like to give an explanation to the SHMILY that Bob has put on a few of his posts/comments to me.From a book called "Night Light" by James & Shirley Dobson comes the story of SHMILY by ...
#1  Go in the garage and polish all the chrome on your motorcycle so it's ready first warm day available for a ride.      #2  Go through your photo album and enjoy past memories.        #3  Search on ebay for that favorite old car you'd like to buy.    #4  Take a long soak in the tub.    #5  Take...
Happy Valentines Day!  In Central Indiana, this will be known as the can you dig out Valentines Day?  This is the view from my kitchen window this morning while I had my coffee.  The sun is shinning and if I listen real hard, I can hear the humming of snow-blowers in the distance.  City snow plow...
If you're in Indiana today, you know that the big news story is our winter storm moving through.  This is a picture taken on my street just a few moments ago.  I live in the central part of Indiana and we've received about 5 inches which is now mixed with sleet and freezing rain.  The wind is blo...
How would you like to give money to your charity just by running a search each time on "".  Yep, every time you use this search engine, your charity will earn a penny.  Now that may not sound like much but if you have several people asking for their penny to go to the same charity, ...
If you are thinking of visiting or moving to the Indianapolis Area, here are some websites that'll provide information and happenings taking place in and around the Greater Indianapolis Area.  http:/...

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