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Looking for some where to live in Indianapolis?  Let me introduce you to the Admirals.  Located in the North-east corner of Marion County  Currently there are 55 homes available for sale and  prices range between $194,900 - $4,500,000.  The various Admirals communities are:  Admirals Landing, Adm...
I believe everyone knows about ebay and many of us have purchased something from this source too.  But how many of us would take the plunge and purchase their next home from ebay?  It's being done.  In fact ebay has a new Market Research Area for buyers and seller to use.There's three levels to p...
  Well I just hit a milestone, this is blog 101.  I became active on AR back in October.  At that time, hitting 100 seemed like forever away.  Now I'm on the other side climbing toward that 200 mark.  I appreciate the opportunity to share and thanks everyone for commenting and sharing your though...
Are you a pet owner?  Pictured to the left is my miniature schnauzer Heidi.  She's been a member of my family since May of 2005 when my husband and I picked her out and brought her home.  I'll never forget her first night with us.  It was time for bed and thinking we would start things right with...
If you are selling your home here's some tips that will help give your kitchen more appeal.Give it a fresh coat of paint.  Having a kitchen that looks clean and bright is much more appealing to a potential buyer than one that's dingy from years of cooking, smoke or dust.Clear off your counter top...
Right now we are 3rd in rank according to the Indianapolis Star.  Detroit and Alanta leading the nation at this time.  Last year lenders took back 27,500 homes in the Metro-Indianapolis area and that was up 36% from the year before.  It is believed that lower wages, adjustable mortgages, bankrupt...
When we think of FHA loans most of us leave the details up to the loan officer.  As Realtors, we can help people find affordable housing by knowing where the revitalization areas are in and around our community.  Also knowing about the Good Neighbor Next Door Program as well as the Officer and Te...
North of Indianapolis 20 miles you will find a community called Noblesville.  Walking through the streets of the downtown area will remind you of days past.  Recently added to the National Register of Historic Places Noblesville has a rich past dating back 1818.  Located in Hamilton County the pr...
Active Rain is an awesome place because it provides so many benefits, I believe these benefits are endless.Some of the benefits are pretty obvious:Provides a platform to share thoughts, ideas and information.Free place to advertise self and listings.A platform that helps build our Internet presen...
There's been several discussions about what a Realtor really does to earn the commission that is received.  I would like to share the story regarding my most recent closing.In October of 2006 I went out on a listing appointment to meet and interview with a couple who's home had expired the previo...

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