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http://www.senate.state.ny.us/senatehomepage.nsf/Home?OpenForm I love this site. I spend a lot of time here. I'm studying my butt off for the broker exam and am trying to memorize RE Laws. I have been a wee bit quiet regarding my penchant for serial commenting because I am creating some very inte...
  This is our third Club Chaos Eye Candy event where we run parallel but dueling contests: ONE for PHOTOGRAPHY (APR-ECP04) and ONE for VIDEO (APR-ECV04). As previously stated, we are looking for your very best eye candy ladies and gentlemen and we want you to submit quality work worthy of a feat...
Does this mean we can go back to jacking blogs now? I hope so. I have been moping for days. Seriously! I really missed playing in the Rain. Commenting is just not the same unless you can call the crew to come out and play when you want to. Never thought I'd miss a group button so much (LOL). Whod...
  Fred was kind enough to make this information available for a re-blog.   So, what do we do when attempting to refinance a property and all of a sudden the value of the property comes in significantly lower than we expected???? Case in point, I am doing a rate and term refinance for a previous c...
  Thank you, Lenn  for making this information available for a re-blog.    I SUBSCRIBE TO THE DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS WEB SITE which offers updated information for viewers about program changes for Veterans Administration benefits. Most of the releases are related to health, hospitalizatio...
They only look innocent. Don't be fooled... As I sit here with my sketchbook working on a new series of panels for Life With Wee People, I find myself wondering just how much artistic mayhem and running amuck I'm capable of. After all, my kids are very self directed. They create a lot of materia...
  ILLUSTRATION ANIMATION PHOTOGRAPHY GRAPHICS DIGITAL FILM VIDEO-BLOG I did mention I was going to do this. Well... here it is. Are you ready? You may want to get your meds updated before you start hanging out with us.  I'm about to populate this group with some original artistic content with a ...
I was playing with my Sorority peeps on Facebook and we started trading vacation pictures. Living in NYC means I get to vacation all the time in my own backyard . I also like to run amuck in neighboring states so one just never knows what one may get until I decide to post it. I am invading CT ne...
VideoAd by Mixpo Now, imagine trying to edit video when all you hear is giggling in the background. Seriously! Try as I might I could never resist a good laugh, so off I go to see what the wee ones are doing. Sure enough, there are diapers thrown everywhere. Did I mention EVERYWHERE? I think I d...
The fun thing about the Internet is that it crosses every time zone. On a good day, if you pace yourself just right, it may appear that you seem to be everywhere at once. Did I mention I work in 20 minute intervals? I do you know. That works for me. I have very self directed little people, so I h...

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