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I could not sleep last night. I was so excited when I got to hang out with Erik Hitzelberger when he recently flew into New York that I couldn't find the right words to get my blog post done. Sometimes I bang stuff out off the top of my head and let 'em rip. Other times, I take days, weeks, even ...
  My friend Don was kind enough to make this available for a re-blog. Enjoy. :-)   Georgia, Are YOU on a quest to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?  Get Recognized?  This post is a result of two posts by my friend Richard Weisser down in Georgia.  The first post was "How do you expe...
Life With Wee People: The Road To Hell... Paved With Good Intentions? Carolyn Tann-Starr     Michelle Viggianno     Laraine Shape Outside Blog Minion Report    ClubChaosAgents.com CyberMinions.net   TannStarr.com Life With Wee People... It can be Heaven. It can be Hell. We are tasked as parents ...
Wordy C Got A Facebook Meme... Hmm... Dare I answer this? (LOL) He's a new friend and one of my bay-bays so I guess I'll have to get comfy and let 'em know me better. Yall might want to take a potty break now. Seriously... Here are my instructions: Some things should just remain secret....if I di...
  I think Izzy's Dad is awesome too. Can ya' help a bay-bay out? (LOL) ;-)   Dear ActiveRain, My Daddy, says that the members on this network are awesome & are the best people in the world.  Well, just the other day, my mommy & daddy entered me into a contest.  If I win, I will get a whole $200 &...
    Life With Wee People: Mother's Day Musings (Every Day Is Mother's Day) I have been writing this post since May. I keep deleting it. There are so many things that I can say about living and caring for learning disabled children. They are brilliant in some regards and clueless in another. They ...
http://blog.penelopetrunk.com/2009/07/21/how-to-decide-how-much-to-tell-about-yourself-on-your-blog/ Penelope Trunk is a Blogger that you have got to read. She's amazingly open and heartbreakingly honest. Don't believe me? Click the above link and find out just how far she is willing to go to hel...
Life With Wee People: Minion Painting 101 You may not think you can paint because you have it in your head that it has to look like something, some place or someone. That's not true. You can express yourself just by your use of color. How you scrape it, blend it, contrast and highlight says a lo...
  TLW is about to lead a group of talented, social media divas on a wild ride, or is it the newbies who are gonna be freaked out? I'm riding shotgun on the project. Jo Soss and Lizette Fitzpatrick have got our backs. We're gonna Rock the Rain (LMAO).  Can you say Club Chaos SEO Bootcamp? How abo...
  Join Me in Welcoming and Congratulating our First Round of ActiveRain RainMaker Ambassadors. Thank you to the entire network and AR Community for the outpouring of responses and support. We are just a little overwhelmed.  This is the first round of elected RainMaker Ambassadors.  We do have man...

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