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Still off the grid working... I can't text and do dictation at the same time so chill already! Ya gotta stop blowing up my cell phone (LOL). I am still off the grid working on my writing projects. Notice how quiet I have been? IT'S BECAUSE I'M WORKING ON MY BOOK and a political piece and a movie...
Quick hello: off the grid working on a political project... Irony is having hubby trying to engage me in a conversation about what was going on in WI with me not giving a flying fig because I am in NY, SC and FL all the time. Now legislation in WI and OH is inspiring a whole bunch of odd ideas a...
What makes a company attractive for equity investment? While hanging out in Subway on my Sprint air card I was poking around the U.S. Department of Commerce's Minority Business Development Agency website researching investment criteria for a friend. I have to go to TX in June on a AR road trip a...
Remember that good advice is harder to find than money... My title is actually a quote from Penelope Trunk. You can find it as item number four in her post entitled, "Get your next mentor by being slightly annoying." Seriously... that's really the title... I'm not being facetious here... With a ...
Guess how much money you made... and other random musings (LOL) I just got finished reading "Guess how much money you made. Seriously. You need to guess," (by George Howard and Jeff Price) and was fascinated by the quote, "These are disruptive times, but from disruption comes true opportunity…fo...
I'm looking for interesting foreclosure cases to read... I'm doing my continuing education homework. I have to practice writing legal briefs. The neat thing about being a Paralegal in the real estate industry are the Lexus-Nexis research moments that make you go hmm... I'm looking for interesting...
Life With Wee People: What goes up must come down... eventually... Sometimes people are so busy climbing to the top that they don't make plans for a successful retreat. Take Stephen, the Minion Blur for example... When over-coming obstacles it is easy for shorty to become distracted by the immed...
Chasing Planes, Balconies and Nigerian Bakeries... Yesterday I was chilling with my feet propped against the railing of a Brooklyn balcony enjoying the view while visiting with the mom of a gal pal. Sometimes I hang out with family and friends to relax and periodically bounce ideas off of them w...
  Been living out of my backpack for the last five days on an excellent adventure... I'm sorting through some interesting photographs I took with my gal pal Emelia who is also a photographer. We've been chatting about possibly filming a few scenes in Brooklyn, NY and Mexico so I've been casing Ne...
You guys have to at least make an attempt to respect the Facebook community... I already told you not to drag me into groups I don't join myself. Now I have to say don't be so free to give up information about your friends and family members to apps you think are useful. Maybe I don't share your ...

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