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  Quote #1: "Facebook's privacy settings allow users to shield personal information from public view. But because the socialbots posed as friends, they were able to extract some 46,500 email addresses and 14,500 physical addresses from users' profiles– information that could be used to launch ph...
      Book Club Blues: @JayeWells - Sabina Kane, @JeannieHolmes - The Three Ninja Peas, @BurningBunnies - Itchy Witch I love teasing my social media peeps. They are so much fun on-line (LOL). Right now I'm fooling around with author tribute tracks for Jaye Wells, Jeannie Holmes and Kim Harrison. ...
Snow started... Hanging out on Skype watching the snow start. It keeps switching between snow and rain. Everything looks very cool... all rainy-shiny. The kids have me creating beach music for The Ninja Peas. Will probably upload a new tune after dinner. We're mastering new tribute tracks for au...
My friend died and the family requested a 6-8-military-drum-centric version of The Lord's Prayer. We're putting it on the album because he wanted to be a writer and spent a lot of time playing with his punk garage band when he wasn't sending me chapters to read. I called him Grunge and he called...
Club Chaos Eye Candy: Central Park Garden Conservatory Was in Manhattan for 4 hours on a photo-shoot. Working on a new video montage for my gal pal. I'm sending her digital flowers and a peek of Fall in New York City. Debi is on a road trip and I've been enjoying her mobile uploads so I figure b...
I have 35 days to write a humorous story (silly grin) I wasn't going to do it but my snarky gal pals dared me (evil grin). Psst... Some dares are more irresistible than others (LOL). I'm sitting on one of my fave Starbucks stools logging into my various dashboards to see what kind of freelance w...
    KimHarrison.net Kim Harrison is @BurningBunnies on Twitter Kim Harrison on Amazon Kim Harrison on Facebook A Perfect Blood Feb 2012 "The Hollows Insider" by NYT Bestselling Author Kim Harrison is simply gorgeous...   The Hollows Insider launched today. My gal pals are happy because I had an ...
Book Club Blues (Vol.02) Author Tribute Track @JayeWells - Get A Room   Tann Starr - Book Club Blues - Get A Room 256kbps by C Tann Starr   I love being a Jaye Wells fan. She's mad fun on-line and writes fabulous books. Silver-Tongued Devil (Sabina Kane) Mass Market Paperback: $7.99 Kindle Editi...
  I've been coding websites all evening and enjoying Celestial Vicki...   Tann Starr - Book Club Blues - Celestial Vicki 256kbps by C Tann Starr I really enjoyed creating the track Celestial Vicki for author Vicki Pettersson. I like teasing her. She's sweet. Today I noticed it was getting a lot ...
  Life With Wee People: On Skype with Noah working on his book I love when my kids give their two cents about the direction the graphic novel needs to go. My 5 year old is my fave unreliable narrator. Noah tends to second Stephen on everything but once in a while he surprises me and we have fun ...

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