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This may be a premature introduction, but say hello to the only cherry tree that survived my collection of foodie paradise plantings my kids selected, dug holes for, then helped plant. I remember this gem of a beauty when it was just a three foot, dried up twig thinner than the circumference of m...
I love South Carolina. It is the birthplace of my Mom. It is the state I spent every summer (and every other fall) in since I was six years old. It is were I teach my kids to be Gentleman Farmers, plant rotating crops and gardens, tend to multiple species of fruit trees and speculate on the best ...
Link Love... Conversations We Should Stop Havinghttp://activerain.com/blogsview/4763703/conversations-we-should-stop-having- I love Susan Mangigian. She is a wonderful Realtor and a beautiful soul... We became friends almost a decade ago when I first started writing. She was the one who named me ...
I'm still not sure if it was the broken blue canopy or the big "I'll Be Back" sign (that is soooo Arnold, eh?) which captured my heart and made me realize I really like this place and have every intention of visiting Middletown, CA again. This time, not by myself, but with my immediate family in ...
I have a precocious nine year old going on forty. When he was a wee bit younger, my son Stephen, the Minion Blur, used to bombard me with mind-numbing must-be-a-guy-thing chicken jokes, like: Where do tough chicks come from? Hard-boiled eggs... During my lunch break, as I squat in the shadows of ...
Being a native New Yorker, I'm somewhat used to traffic jams, but have never experienced a traffic jam up on narrow, twisty mountain lanes. These roads, carved and blasted through stone, are tight little narrow ribbons of freedom, clustered with perpetual curved blind spots that inspire people li...
Knock Before EnteringAlthough blackened with debris, littered with melted insulation, crumbled dry wall and imploded rooftops, there is evidence everywhere that the residents are doing all they can to seek out and preserve any remnant of what used to be the beauty of simply living their lives..Th...
Beauty For Ashes...The healing of the brokenhearted is complicated... How does one provide for those who grieve? Loss is an emotional and intimate thing, a wound that burns a gaping hole in your emotions, distracting you with the pain of knowing your life will never quite be the same again... Som...
Enter at your own risk... I see this warning daily as we deal with the aftermath of the wild fire disaster. Normally, on a sunny California morning, I'd be itching to go jogging down a country lane to soak in the sun and enjoy the view...Instead, I am carefully following the advice of experienced...
All American Red Cross (ARC) disaster assistance is free...Considering what it takes to get the job done, I find that fact truly remarkable. It is probably why I enjoy being a cog in their corporate, non-profit wheel. Wearing the Red Cross Volunteer mantle is like Clark Kent hiding his Superman s...

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