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  Kim Harrison at RWA-NYC 2011 KimHarrison.net Kim Harrison is @BurningBunnies on Twitter Kim Harrison on Amazon Kim Harrison on Facebook A Perfect Blood Feb 2012 Kim Harrison NYU Bookstore Book Signing Thursday Oct 13th 726 Broadway New York, NY 10003 (212) 998-4667 6:30 pm for Q&A/Signing Even...
       Book Club Author-Candy Alert: Kim Harrison and Jeaniene Frost are coming to New York Comic Con 2011.   Kim Harrison NYU Bookstore Book Signing Thursday Oct 13th 726 Broadway New York, NY 10003 (212) 998-4667 6:30 pm for Q&A/Signing Events are held in the events space at the back of the sto...
It started when I tripped and tried not to fall... I wish I would have busted my a$$ instead messing up Sean Connery I was doing some legal research on my laptop last night around 11PM and had a 500 page binder sitting open on the floor while I hole-punched documents from Lexis-Nexis. I decided ...
  Life With Wee People: Skype Sketching @LynnRush and @VickiPettersson My 5 year old is turning into my favorite curator (silly grin). Skype Sketching @LynnRush and @VickiPettersson was a lot of fun. I'm fooling around with an Amy DeZellar, Jaye Wells, Jeannie Holmes, Kim Harrison and Jocelynn D...
  A portrait of Emmy's Marc... Emelia and I started chatting about doing something custom for her gorgeous boyfriend in April. I've been sketching both of them all summer (and getting fussed at for being picky, secretive and hoarding - LOL). When she wakes up in the morning she is going to find ...
Life With Wee People: The shorties are picking portraits... starting with @JayeWells Stephen, the Minion Blur likes the red sketch of Jaye Wells so we're gonna start the FB/Tweet-peep portrait tease with this 16x20 bit of canvas. I freaked a couple of people out when it posted on my profile page...
  First Mistake? Admitting I had an exclusive invite. Second Mistake? The FIRST of course... I love my girlfriends but I swear there are days they need to be smacked upside their dainty little heads. I received a great e-mail September 26th through my ActiveRain account from a curator in Chelsea...
Life With Wee People: Stephen, the Minion Blur strikes again... I love the fall... watching the colors come in is always a fascinating process because collecting eye candy is one of my favorite habits. My kids have me on assignment. My mission is to collect images of fall so they can see the col...
  Playing the Wordy C Book Club blogger game by FCC Rules...   Because I spend an inordinate amount of time being silly on-line some of you periodically forget that I am a Paralegal. Translated: Sometimes I actually write something useful for you to read. Today, I am going to go out of my way to...
High-jacking Models... I've been sketching and painting Emelia and a few other buddies all summer. I've got this new exhibit I'm cooking up and need to high-jack some models. I've a quirky film crew who want to do a 30 minute documentary on how I cook these puppies up. We're negotiating the deta...

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