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Never wrap your Celtic Sword in a Spiderman blankie (LOL) Did I mention I have some really neat toys? I do you know... and very neat friends to go with them (happy grin). Seems I got busted by Jen for wrapping my swords in a Spiderman blankie. She saw some linen on the floor of her guest room an...
The Fall Agenda... I am going to be running amok with some very interesting professionals when not playing with hubby and the wee people at home. The shorties may be coming with me on a couple of excursions because we have to get back to doing Life With Wee People. I've been asking the boys to m...
    My attorney gal pals are having a cow... Yo - Dudes - I'm moving not dropping dead so stop acting like it is the end of a beautiful relationship. I have a guest room. Come visit. If you still need me to do legal investigations I'll crash on the couch the same way you guys crash on my futon. B...
  I did an update to my laptop and now all of my browsers are hinky (sigh). I just upgraded Firefox and it will not show me photographs but I can see pictures in IE - which will not let me format, paginate and upload (WTF? - LOL). I've been trying to figure out what I cleaned when I cleaned my co...
JocelynnDrake.com Jocelynn Drake on Twitter Jocelynn Drake on Amazon Invasion of the Urban Fantasy Book Babes on Facebook Book Club Bookie Alert: Jocelynn Drake is creating a new series... I love my social media peeps. They are sooooo much fun to spend virtual time with. Earlier this evening I w...
  The best part of leasing a storage unit in NYC? The "no dead bodies or guns" speech (LMAO) If someone had told me I would be laughing my a$$ off with the people I'm entrusting my fave stuff with while I run amok for the next couple of months I would have YouTubed it (silly grin). Seems you act...
Club Chaos Eye Candy: My Maryland E. A. Poe Real Estate Moment... I like playing with my TomTom when out of state. I usually pick random tourist spots to go wander about visiting. While wandering around Maryland on my way to the Baltimore harbor I stumbled across the house Babe Ruth was born at:...
  Pulling Cables... So I'm taking apart the pod casting corner chasing condenser mics and pulling cables when my gal pal reminds me we need to get to Starbucks because I have a potential client who wants a portrait done. I love hanging in Starbucks so I dumped a bunch of stuff in a bin, grabbed ...
For Donna B: Gas your yacht here... (LOL) ;-) Yeah... I'm joking with Donna Bigda from the previous post. I had a lovely time chilling on that Baltimore, Maryland bench watching the boats gas up. Great spot to blog and be mad lazy. Seriously... I actually took 242 photographs of the Baltimore, M...
Club Chaos Eye Candy: A peek at Maryland Harbor Yes, I know I owe you guys a Maryland update, especially since my running off for almost an entire week interrupted the Undie Wars (silly giggle). FYI: That bit of NYC girlie-girlie day mischief is back on with a vengeance so tomorrow's after dinne...

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