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Wild Fires...Sometimes you have to lose yourself to find yourself. Imagine walking away from everyone you know and love, forsaking the comforts and warmth of hearth and home to make your bed on a narrow green 6 foot folding Army cot. An uncomfortable, uncompromising, miserable little bed nestled ...
   The Workout Agendahttp://www.acefitness.org/acefit/workouts-and-programs/Did the 5K Training, then the Half Marathon training, now I am playing TRX Bunny with my clients. Unorthodox? Um... Yeah... Maybe... Fun? Abso-freaking-lutely.Popping in to wish you guys a very gorgeous New Year.My kids a...
  Life With Wee People: And the mischief continues... The thing about embracing the whole "Work Is The New Play" mantra is that you have to absorb an amazing amount of information to keep life fresh and fun. In my case, that means I am back in college full time taking accelerated classes in Healt...
Life With Wee People: Wee Fit Frolic with any energetic kids lately? Chasing wee people can really give you a run for your money. Rather than give 'em the evil eye while trying to make them sit down and be quiet, how about put your busy schedule on hold, pause what ever it is you are doing and g...
 Palm Bay Planet Fitness Planet Fitness.com 160 Malabar Rd. Palm Bay, FL 32907 Tel. 321-327-2970  Fax. 321-473-8938   Stress Management through Strength Training 101   Moving towards balance in one's personal and professional life is never easy, especially when you have multiple factors pulling ...
Bruce Lee FoundationDan Inosanto Martial Arts AcademyElite Martial ArtsDid you know that the Bruce Lee Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity formed in 2002? They have an interesting mission: "To perpetuate and preserve the legacy of Bruce Lee by creating a home where the totality of his legacy...
Fight Like A GirlYeah... I know... the radio silence has been killing you guys. I promise to make it up to you later (evil grin).I've been working my bahookies off with manuscript re-writes, illustrating the graphic novel, doing the layouts for the children books and composing musical tracks when...
Life With Wee People: Getting ready for Passover chaos...Nothing beats getting kicked out of bed by your kids in the wee hours of the morning (LOL). I like watching them jockey for position when it comes to getting their kisses and hugs in. We were up late last night getting ready for Passover ch...
Life With Wee People: Cranking out the noise... Catch The RushA few of my NYC gal pals are coming down in April (followed by a couple of relatives) so next month is going to be mad fun and very busy. I shall be cooking my a$$ off on the foodie and creative side while indulging in another silly mi...
Life With Wee People: Exercise Little Minion StyleNoah the Net Geek has been training for Track and Field (among other things) so yesterday we packed the boys up for some fun under the sun at the Special Olympic County Summer Games.While en route to Merritt Island, Stephen the Minion Blur gave we...

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