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NAPW Melodious isn't home. I'm sitting on the floor with my laptop pouting. I want to hear about the baby being born (I'm excited and impatient - sigh). In a few weeks I'm going back to TX to see the latest bundle of joy popping into my virtual world and I have to admit the suspense is really ki...
http://www.webpronews.com/facebook-incident-launches-first-amendment-fight-2012-02 I wouldn't ever want someone forcing me to post anything on my blog or other social media accounts... Reading this made me realize just how much I enjoy having the freedom to speak. If the court said delete it I'd...
  Life With Wee People: Push - Pull the fat off... My 10 year old is Autistic and my 5 year old sufferes from PDD-NOS. This means I have to get very creative in explaining things to them. They are both visual learners and have taken an interest in my obsession with going to the gym in the wee ho...
Life With Wee People: Pot Gardens Turns out my kids are into gardening and enjoy being able to nibble on the organics as we go along. We already know where we want to put the patio and deck so we're fooling around expanding our pot garden one plant at a time. In January those grape vines were ju...
Life With Wee People: Kim Harrison Cartoons It's been a while since I planted one of these in the Kim-Stream so I'm gonna hang out on the bed with the kids and draw a bunch of cartoons. We're doing Tamwood and Morgan tonight. I'm hoping for a quiet evening where I get bossed around by my 5 and 1...
           KimHarrison.net Kim Harrison is @BurningBunnies on Twitter Kim Harrison on Amazon Kim Harrison on Facebook   I've been locked away for an entire month editing my book. Obsessively focused on the task at hand means I've been in all work no play mode. It freaked a lot of people out beca...
Life With Wee People: Put your building samples to the test... Fun is letting your kids abuse your building supplies (LOL). If you are going to install flooring you should buy a sample and put that puppy to the test. If you read my blog you know that my kids are not shy and every so often someth...
Question: When Do I Need A Permit? Answer: Per the Florida Building Code - Building 2001, Section 104.1.1 When required: "Any owner, authorized agent, or contractor who desires to construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, demolish, or change the occupancy or occupant content of a building or stru...
Life With Wee People: The Planter Expedition... Noah the Net Geek is on-line playing World of Warcraft while Stephen the Minion Blur is lining up the gardening tools for some fun. We asked Mike to stop by Wal-Mart for some potting soil and a planter. We have most of what we need and figure by th...
Drafts Finally got around to reading some e-mails and turns out I left my last post in draft mode but gave peeps the link. They couldn't read it all day. My apologies. I'm obessing over the writing projects and forgot to switch modes. Yeah, I know... bad mommy blogger (LOL). We're dirt digging t...

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