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    Bureau of Education and Testing   http://www.myfloridalicense.com/dbpr/servop/testing/providers.html   I have a lot of information that needs to be printed. Just asked Mike to run to Wal-mart to buy me a ream of paper because I'm in the middle of studying for my FL Broker License and printing...
Life With Wee People: Twas the night before Christmas... And Stephen, the Blur Minion is standing guard over all the presents refusing to let anyone near the tree. I keep trying to figure out which little minion killed the star on top but no one's talking (silly grin). Rumor has it Daddy did it....
Hanging with the frogs... I'm stretched out on the floor composing music while hanging with the frogs. Baby frogs are climbing up the exterior windows and walls and I'm absolutely captivated with them. Hubby is trying to get Stephen, the Blur Minion to go outside and check them out. Noah, the Ne...
Life With Wee People: Test Driving The Big Hot Wheel The boys have a new toy. It's a sporty, purpley-blue Ford Mustang. We have to get a protective cover for it in the morning and pick a driveway spot, so I told Hubby to temporarily park it in The Man Cave so the wee people could get a good look...
  Life With Wee People: House hunting little minion style... If you go house hunting with Stephen, the Blur Minion the first thing you're going to discover about my 5 year old is the fact that he will expect you to pick homes he can ride his bike to. He likes having people he knows move within a...
Today's creative space agenda...We're going to go look at commercial properties later because I need to sublease space for the new company my lawyer is drawing up. The boys are making a wish-list for The Man Cave and our new office spot. It's their new office spot too because I've been illustrati...
Had a blast at Planet Fitness with hubby and Mona. I like to work out twice a day if I can figure out how to twist my schedule around everyone else in my life. Today Mike and Mona caught up with me at the gym and we had fun criss-crossing machines. Hubby likes to make fun of my anal retentivenes...
In-line Skating, Man of War, Jelly Fish and strange jogs along the beach... I'm in the process of grabbing my gym gear and running out the door so I can get a workout in and go in-line skating. We've been doing the storyboards for three music videos so I have to work out my schedule to coincide ...
Life With Wee People: The thing about Mike, Stephen and Noah... When your men are into sports you become a soccer, football and basketball mom (silly grin). That also means your role in The Man Cave revolves around gym equipment and eye/hand coordination activities. Last week the Special Olympic...
Post office hell... While in TX I mailed three large boxes of swag so I wouldn't have to drive around with all those goodies. I'm sitting here 4AM in the morning wondering why two of the three boxes arrived within 48 hours while the third box has been piddling away in freaking Dallas. Someone wr...

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