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Uranium in well water has received much attention recently as a result of the State of CT recommending all private water well owners to test their water for uranium and arsenic (in addition to the common general water quality parameters). Uranium (U) is naturally occurrin...
  Arsenic in well water has recently become a hot topic for some lower Fairfield County towns such as Weston, Wilton, and Redding. The discovery of arsenic - even at trace levels - can be unsettling. In reality; any private well in CT (or the world for that matter!) is susceptible to arsenic cont...
  The Radon Map of CT only begins to tell the story of the prevalence of radon in the state of Connecticut.  CT Basement Systems Radon Inc. has been in the radon mitigation and radon testing business since since 1987.  Through the years, we have seen many homes test "high" for radon in zones or c...
CT Basement Systems Radon Blog by Matthew A. Bednarz V.P. Current Articles | RSS Feed RADON ACTION MONTH Posted by Matthew Bednarz on Thu, Jan 17, 2013 @ 07:43 AM   0inShare January is RADON ACTION MONTH in the United States. With the holiday season behind us, we're staring winter square in the f...
                             PRESSURE TANKS, WELL TANKS, STORAGE TANKS Pressure tanks, holding tanks, storage tanks, well tanks, water tanks etc. etc. etc.  There are many different names that well system pressure tanks are recognized by.  None of the nomenclature is wrong...but the reality is; ...
        Well Casing Extensions are a natural "next step" to take when performing a jet pump conversion or replacing a submersible well pump in a buried water well. Buried water wells were the standard offering of well system install...
  Relative Percent Difference or "RPD" is a measure of precision between two testing devices.  Radon measurements usually do not produce exactly the same results, even when conducted simultaneously.  RPD = Difference (between two results) divided by the Average (of the same two results),multipli...
When listing a home with a water treatment system, be sure to check when the system was last serviced & whether or not a regular service regime was maintained.  This is important because a neglected system can actually contaminate an otherwise clean water source. Aside from yielding poor quality...
  At the beginning of the week we got a call from a customer who just moved into a house they bought with a water well system.  This person had never owned a home with a water well system before.   While taking a shower Sunday morning; he ran out of water.  Our on - call technician received a ra...
  Continuous Radon Monitors (CRM) are testing devices favored by many home inspectors.  CRM's offer some distinct advantages over passive testing devices like charcoal canisters.  A trained operator can often tell if someone had opened windows during the test, if the device was moved, or if thin...

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