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  There is much misinformation out in the marketplace regarding radon.  A common misconception is that radon in new construction doesn't exist.  Age of a structure can sometimes play a role in determining whether or not there will be a radon problem...but most often; it doesn't matter much at al...
  Variable Frequency Drive or VFD Well Pump Systems are fast becoming the "GO TO" technology in well pump system upgrades.  Unlike conventional well pump systems that typically operate on a 20 psi differential pressure range, VFD systems speed up or slow down according to the amount of water bei...
  GAC & Aeration are the two prevalent technologies for radon in water removal.  Aeration is recognized as the Best Available Technology (BAT) for this process for a couple of reasons;  There is no collection of radon taking place...therefore, no chance of radioactive buildup or spent media dispo...
I've heard it many times throughout the course of my 23+ year career; "I don't want to buy a house that has a water well".  To those who've never had one, water wells are mysterious components of a home.  Oftentimes, the only visible sign of a well's existence from the exterior might be the well...
  So the house you're listing or have interested buyers for, has elevated radon in air & water what?  The following informative tidbits are applicable to Realtors dealing with radon: First off...DON'T PANIC!  Any radon problem is fixable! Testing: Whether you're the buying or...
Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) & Aeration are the two most common mitigation strategies employed for radon in water removal.  While aeration is considered the best available technology (BAT) for waterborne radon mitigation; when applied judiciously, GAC is a viable treatment option.  There are ...
  Iron & manganese are the two most commonly found metals in well water that are responsible for stains, discoloration, odor & bad taste.  Iron is probably 10x more prevalent than manganese for no other reason than the fact that it's one of the most prevalent elements found in the earth's crust....
Radon in schools was a featured segment on NBC Today yesterday morning.  It highlighted the fact that many school systems across the country are knowingly turning a blind eye to needless exposures by our young school children.  The State of CT is one of only 5 states that require schools to be t...

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