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Oh to have a crystal ball! The challenge with trying to buy at the bottom of any market (real estate, stock or any other commodity) it that we only know it hit bottom when the market is on its way to recovery. So the real question for a buyer is: Do I want to buy when the market is declining or r...
The 3-family units commanding the best rents are 5-room units (which could be used as 3-bedroom units) which have laundry facilities in each unit. Check out the advantages to the landlord of supplying the washers/dryers: 10.    Reduce tenant squabbles over who borrowed detergent in a shared-basem...
Every investor hopes for the ideal tenant mix - one is home during the day to let in contractors, two are willing to shovel the sidewalk and salt the steps and all three pay the rent for the coming month no later than the first (preferably by automatic deposit to the investor's rent account)! Goo...
When just starting out as an investor, everyone needs to choose where to begin.... This can be a daunting task, with all the types of investments available-from simple savings accounts to mutual funds to individual stocks to stock futures to hedge funds to gold! With every investment, you want to...

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