danbury: No More Steals ... Just Good Deals - 03/24/13 05:35 AM
Dear Investors,
YES, The Market is Really Changing!
I work with many investors and they have been aggressively bidding on low end condominiums with the goal of upgrading and renting them out. Up until now, the strategy has been working, as the offers are cash, without contingencies. Of course we have been at the mercy of the bank's decisions, but in a majority of the cases the banks have agreed or at least countered. But that was the last 18 months.
Times have changed, this strategy is no longer working. The last 9 offers I presented have been met with additional offers on the … (4 comments)

danbury: FINDING A RENT and then again IT MAY BE BETTER TO BUY! - 08/12/11 05:10 AM
Two months ago I had a young girl and her parents come in to my office looking for a rental. She had started a new job in Connecticut and was tired of the long commute from her parents’ home in New York. Her budget was small and the rental opportunities were not great. When her parent suggested considering spending an additional $100-$200 for a nicer rental, I came up with another idea.
I asked if they were familiar with a short sale. It was a huge step, but the thought of purchasing her own home was planted. After reviewing the inventory, … (0 comments)

danbury: Tarrywile Park - Danbury, Connecticut - 11/17/09 01:07 PM
Are you aware that less than miles from Main Street, Danbury, there are 21 miles of hiking trails wandering through the 722 acres of Tarrywile Municipal Park?
  Many people have heard about the park because they have attended a wedding, business meeting or some other gathering at the Tarrywile Mansion.  It has been serving as a Community Center for almost 20 years now and can be rented out for your special events and gatherings.  But there is so much more to the park.
 When I need a break from the doldrums and stress of life, I slip on my hiking boots … (0 comments)

danbury: Lowering your stress levels - 11/17/09 01:11 AM
To Reduce your stress! 
Ask yourself if you're being high maintenance and low performance at this time, and if the answer is yes - then stop. 
Let go of excuses you cling to in order to explain away your lack of success.
Stop feeling defeated - it's time to attack the problem again, using a different tact. 
Take on one task at a time and finish it.
Don't set arbitrary goals such as, "I will work on marketing this property for the rest of the day. 
Vision your tasks successfully completed.
Stop being defensive - your self-esteem is not something … (7 comments)

danbury: Balloons are not Just for Kids! - 07/29/09 08:48 AM
    It all started when one resident of the Bethel Convalescence Home let the staff know that riding in a hot air balloon was on his bucket list.  A call to RE/MAX Unlimited Real Estate and a hot air balloon event was scheduled.
 What a pleasure to see all of the residents sitting outside the facility, on a beautiful sunny day, watching the RE/MAX balloon being spread out and inflated.
And then the excitement really started - as more than 50 residents, most in wheel chairs each had their moment in the air.  The process of lifting each resident out … (1 comments)

danbury: Taft Pointe Condominium, Waterbury, CT - 01/28/09 07:31 AM

danbury: BEST TIME TO SELL - THOSE WERE THE DAYS - 11/03/08 08:50 AM
I distributed an article to my sphere of influence entitled BEST TIME TO SELL about 6 years ago. Back then the information made sense.  Today what can we say?
Back then I said:  "During September, October and November, you will find more homeowners who are being transferred.  They will list their homes to be sold and be eager to find new ones.  Again, there may be fewer buyers, but those who are looking are serious."
 And of course, I wrote about each of the other time periods with encouragement and the advice that:  "Regardless of when you decide to sell, each time of the year … (0 comments)

danbury: A New World View in a Shrinking World – part 2 - 09/18/08 07:41 AM
In part 1 I spoke of my valued friendship with Kyung. 
Since the time we met, Kyung has introduced me to more than a dozen other Korean families who have come to the United States.  Each family has a solid education, good job prospects, strong financial resources, great desire and motivation, but no credit history.  This is not the ideal formula for a successful rental or purchase experience.
If that was not enough, a few understood little or no English. Fortunately, Kyung often accompanied me and was my translator when necessary.
When I was introduced as "his first American friend" and … (0 comments)

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