positive attitude: Lowering your stress levels - 11/17/09 01:11 AM
To Reduce your stress! 
Ask yourself if you're being high maintenance and low performance at this time, and if the answer is yes - then stop. 
Let go of excuses you cling to in order to explain away your lack of success.
Stop feeling defeated - it's time to attack the problem again, using a different tact. 
Take on one task at a time and finish it.
Don't set arbitrary goals such as, "I will work on marketing this property for the rest of the day. 
Vision your tasks successfully completed.
Stop being defensive - your self-esteem is not something … (7 comments)

positive attitude: THE AMERICAN DREAM - (A House or a Home?) - 04/06/09 09:09 AM
 The American Dream for me encompasses many things - but I do remember many years ago, the opportunity of homeownership was highest on that list. 
 When I purchased my first home in 1976 - I was told that house prices never go down.  Then in 1982 and 1983 interest rates reached 19% - the few buyers who could purchase were generally transferees with financing subsidized by their corporation.  Prices really didn't fall too steeply - it was just that few people could afford to buy a home and it meant that very few people could sell.  
 Then starting in … (0 comments)

positive attitude: If words can do this to water; what can our thoughts do to us? - 01/30/09 01:21 AM
From the movie "What the Bleep do we Know" More Spiritual videos at 5min.com Dr. Masaru Emoto's taped words to bottle of distilled water and left them out over night. He then photographed the water molecules using a dark field microscope. (The sound may not be great, but the photos speak for themselves.) Dr. Emoto's amazing work with water crystals is more fully described in his book "The Hidden Messages in Water." And if you want to take an interesting look at reality, rent the movie "What the Bleep do we Know." There is truth in the concept: I think positive … (1 comments)

positive attitude: This is the moment - right "NOW" - 01/12/09 12:12 PM

SO, it's the second Monday of 2009 and we're into the second week of the new year.
How are you doing with your new year's resolutions? As for me, I haven't made more sales yet - but the year is young. I haven't lost any weight yet - but those left over deserts are so good. I haven't watched less TV - but all of those playoff games are on at the moment.
If you're like me, those resolutions were goals for a moment; great ideas - but my world wouldn't have changed much anyway, even if I … (1 comments)

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