eflyers: Marketing with Movement Makes an E-Flyer Impact - 03/12/19 12:25 PM
Every agent dreams of putting their listing into the MLS and then immediately getting an offer … sorry to say, it’s usually not that easy... although absolutely wonderful if that happens. The most trusted name in real estate B2B email marketing for over 15 years, ZipYourFlyer.com has just launched AutoPlay real estate email flyers, which are the industry’s first selection of easy to order e-flyers that have automatic movement inside of the email body for real estate listings. Agents still receive their proof within 2 hours during our business hours and can still order on an a-la-carte need without any monthly … (0 comments)

eflyers: True Industry First for Agent Communication - and it's FREE - 04/26/18 09:43 AM
A true industry first for real estate, Inman news says the Zip Your Flyer E-Flyer App “ensure(s) delivery of agent-to-agent marketing materials” in a recent 2018 review of the App.
Released in 2018, the internationally patent pending Zip Your Flyer E-Flyer App for real estate is a game-changer for the industry. It offers a free interface for real estate agents to share and communicate their marketing with one another to sell their listings. Real estate marketing has definitely changed over the years, and Zip Your Flyer, a multi-million dollar per year family business, has been a pioneer in the real estate E-Flyer industry since 2005 and continues … (0 comments)

eflyers: New Tactic for Buyer Needs - 03/05/18 01:39 PM
Your Buyer Needs are a big deal in this market. We are in constant communication with agents nationwide, some are feeling the listing shortage more than others. One request we have heard over and over again recently is the need for real estate E-Flyers that are not listing related, but Buyer Needs related.
Have you ever thought of using E-Flyers as a way to get your Buyer Needs out there to other agents?
As the original real estate industry E-Flyer company, Zip Your Flyer has always tried to help agents and respond to changes in the market to suit your needs. With this … (0 comments)

eflyers: Same Listing... Which Flyer Sells it Better? - 10/30/17 03:26 PM
Let’s talk marketing. As an agent, listings are your business and good marketing will grab other agent’s attention quickly as intended. Agents use all sorts of tactics to get their listings noticed; whether it’s an E-flyer, a real estate agent event, listing websites, photo tours… etc. These all serve the purpose to engage with your fellow agents and make sure they notice your listing. It's so important to remember that other agents have your buyer and that your listing needs to appeal to them first... then hopefully their potential buyers.
As the leader in real estate e-flyers, ZipYourFlyer.com sees hundreds of flyers … (2 comments)

eflyers: E-Flyers! Why would you send them? Do they really work? - 09/28/17 09:58 AM
When you get a listing, there are so many things to do! You must get it into the MLS, you have to write about the house, you need to take pictures, put up signs, get it syndicated online all over the place, make flyers, put it up on your website, get a virtual tour created, schedule open houses, decide whether to advertise it in the paper or magazines or online…
When you look back at listings you’ve sold in the past you probably wouldn’t be able to credit just one of your activities as THE reason your listing sold. Maybe one had … (27 comments)

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