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Apple's iPad 2 is coming out tomorrow.  Stores are preparing for lines of customers.  People will wait in line for the 5pm release.  Some will even camp out outside their favorite Apple reseller to guarantee they will have a new iPad 2 before all their friends!     Do you have an iPad?  Are you o...
Guilford CT is a classic New England small town with a strong and vibrant community.  Much of this community is centered around regular annual events including the Independence Day Fireworks, the Christmas Tree Lighting and the Arts & Crafts Festival. Guilford CT recently cut the annual Independe...
When does social media self-promotion turn into SPAM?  Are there limits to what you can and should post when you are promoting your business on a personal facebook page? Other agents advertising their business on my personal page seems like a clear breach of etiquette.  Such activities include ag...
Foreclosures and Bank-Owned homes are a bargain, right?  I have many clients ask me about foreclosures when they start their home search.  They are initially interested in foreclosures simply because they are looking for a good value.  I prefer to take more of a big-picture look at the market.  I...
Stony Creek in Branford, CT is known by most to be a vibrant beach and boating community... but most frequent this area in the Spring and Summer and Fall (or at least when the ground isn't covered in the snow). Personally, I love the beach during the Winter.  Areas on the Connecticut Shoreline, l...
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Subprime Mortgages are now generally considered a bad idea.  The policy of giving loans to people with poor credit and little savings sparked a major boom in the hosing market followed by a market crash when many of these subprime borrowers ended up defaulting on their mortgages. This past week I...
I've going to revamp my website for 2011. My current website is a template through  I'm not capturing many leads - traffic hovers around 50-100 unique visitors per week, and I'm capturing less than 1 new lead per month through the website)   You can check out the current ...

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