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Well Happy Saturday rainmakers.........I haven't updated my blog in a bit and I have ran into a couple more scenarios that require some attention. One that I was awoken to here on Active rain this am!! I hope you find it useful and entertaining. Now let's get down to business......... "How do I g...
I just got off the phone with a buyer's agent who wanted to know the exact amount of a mello roos tax on one of my listings. Now if you know me then you know I don't have just one listing and I don't sell in one city so I don't have all the aspects of my properties in my head. I told her I have a...
Since the Moratorium has been going on so long, my area has seen limited inventory and agents are getting creative about how they can get their clients offer accepted. Some of the tactics used are great ideas. Other things, like the ones I am about to write about......not so good. Key Jacking.......
 Inventory has been low for the past year due to moratoriums and it has brought the worst out in some agents. On an average my listings see between 2 and 40 offers. Which means that every listing I have has multiple offers on it and I get to work with one happy buyer and one happy buyers agent. W...
I have gotten several emails in the last month wondering where I have gone! I have gotten you phone calls as well and I wanted you all to know I am alive, well, and extremely busy!! I do have a blog post for you.......I shall begin now............   This is a chicken left behind in a recent lock ...
So Wednesday eve I had gotten a request for a BPO. It was due Friday morning. I figured I would do all the comparable and data entry Wednesday and on my way to eat turkey with my family I would swing by and take the photos. No big deal I thought I was imputing the info I noticed that on...
My new favorite part of REO has got to be "RA," or re-assignment. I have recently gotten a couple files re-assigned to me. One was with the other agent for over 400 days and the other was 120+/- days. I got lucky since I had done BPO's inside both these complexes and knew the HOA's pretty well. I...
If you know me or read my blog/comments then you know I admire the NRBA. I have been knocking on their door for 2 years. If you look them up you will see they have some big REO hitters who are memebers. They also a CREO designation (certified REO specialist) which I would love to attain. I have b...
Several years ago I was working and i got a phone call from a guy who worked for a company who wanted to give me leads in exchange for a referral fee. I asked him what the catch was and he said there was no catch just call the leads set them up on a MLS search and sell them a house when they are ...
I was wondering how many agents got REOtrans certified and certified while at five star?? What did you think of the courses? Do you think the certification will increase your business or exposure to banks and asset managers? I use both platforms already so I didn't take new information aw...

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