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Am I the only one who recognizes that yards rarely match homes?  This may be fine as a home owner, but as a home seller this creates a negative first impression in a buyer's mind.I must confess that I have been the biggest offender of the "Yard Doesn't Match The Home" group.  It was a long standi...
The city of Concord, California in Contra Costa County offers up to $25,000 to first time home buyers as a 0% interest, 45 year loan with no repayment until tce home is sold or at the end of 45 years.  The dollar amount of the loan is determined by the annual household income of the first time bu...
If real estate were a car or a stock, there would be a frenzy to buy. A car is guaranteed to depreciate (at least one that is driven).  You can upgrade it with 20" low profile performance tires and lower the chassis for better handling, add slick chrome wheels, GPS, a sweet sound system, leather ...
I have been a mortgage lender for 20 years and have learned a healthy skepticism about the personal marketing of Realtors.  In my capacity, I have the back stage pass to view the behind-the-scenes performance and have created categories for Realtors.  (Stick with me on this because an important q...
In the previous mutiple offer market, First Time Home Buyers continually lost in the bidding wars because they didn't have the equivalent (or any) downpayment and weren't in a position to waive property inspections and repair requirements.  With the increase of seller credits toward the buyers mo...
My company had a very good idea that we - as loan officers - should work an Open House, not to conduct a sales call but to "walk in the Realtor's shoes" for a day.   Since I am not a licensed Realtor, my approach during the Open House had to be different.  I decided it would be a great opportunit...

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