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Mind Movies ~ Changing Your Life a Day at a Time...     As I stated in an earlier post, mind movies are nothing new, the concept has been around for years. Similar to the dogma of self affirmations, mind movies incorporate all of your kinestetic senses - sight, sound and feelings.       Being aki...
31 Day Blogging Challenge ~ Day Vengt-Six ~ Mind Movie...     Have you ever noticed how the last few grains in the hourglass zip through like there is no tomorrow? I feel like this whole month has been this way. Like, what's the rush dude? Slow down. But as we know, time waits on no one and weigh...
December Blogging Challenge ~ Day Vingt-Cinq ~ Nursing a Cold...       The world never stops turning and moss certainly doesn't gather on a rolling stone. With the end of the year coming upon us faster than a speeding train, I can ill afford to let something like a cold slow me down.      Yesterd...
December Blogging Challenge ~ Day Vingt et Un ~ Professor Brainstrain...      As the series Diehl Killers evolves and takes on new life, so will come new characters. Yesterday, I introduced Mr. Sniffles, the dog with a stuffed up sniffer. Mr. Sniffles will make his debut in my Christmas message t...
31 Day Blogging Challenge ~ Day Vingt ~ Mr. Sniffles...    Needing to expand and evolve the Diehl Killerz series I will be introducing 2 new characters this week. The first character whom I will introduce is Mr. Sniffles. Mr. Sniffles will make his debut on Saturday's post which I just finished f...
31 Day December Blog Challenge ~ Day Quatorze ~ FaceBook Flubs...     Face Book. You either swear by it or at it. Being that things have slowed down a tad, I am focusing on getting marketing in place for next year. While, I was not a huge fan of FB because of all the games, I do see how it can be...
Saucy Sisters ~ Book Intro Video...     If any of you had seen my first video of the Saucy Sisters, you will know what a crazy pair of ladies they are. As part of their book promotion, "What Every Girl Should Know Before They Unscrew!" they have launched this new video. Watch the video and get th...
31 Day December Challenge ~ Day Douze ~ The Business...     Yesterday was one of those days where I spent more time working in rather than on the business. You know, at times, it is fun just to give some folks the business. But then, that is why we are in business. Thankfully, business is brisk f...
31 Days of December Challenge ~ Day Onze ~ Face Book Friends...     So much to do and so little time. First of all, I want to thank everyone who responded to the pilot of Big Diehl, Flubber and The Adventures of Diehl Killerz. Look for more episodes to come in the not too distant future.       Na...
31 Day December Challenge ~ Day Dix ~ Episode Revealed...     Well after much zipping and unzipping bloopers and out-takes my mental madness is now complete. Sorry to keep all of you in suspense for so long but the first of anything does take awhile.     The main character went through several wa...

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