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Charlottesville VA: The Northtown Trail is a 14 mile long commuter bike trail that will Run roughly parallel to RT 29 to Downtown Charlottesville VA. Best wishes, Clifford Kavanaugh, Associate Broker Founder of Keller Williams Realty of CharlottesvilleKeller Williams International Achievement Med...
This is great info on Google Academy:          Several weeks ago, when I noticed that there STILL is not a RainCamp scheduled for Atlanta, I signed up for a seminar presented by The Google Academy on "Using Google for Real Estate" and the "2010 Google AdWords/SEO Seminar."  How could I go wrong? ...
Fannie Mae came out with new underwriting guidelines for borrowers who have a history of pre-foreclosure, deed-in-lieu foreclosure, and short sales. The guidelines make it easier for some to get financing on a new home ... but more difficult for others.   Deed-in-Lieu Those who previously went th...
Carolyn Capalbo Is A REALTOR In Northern Virginia That Needs Your Help   Carolyn Capalbo is a real estate agent in Northern Virgina that is being punished for having the wrong name. In 2008 a women with the same name as Carolyn Capalbo broke into the news, and it wasn't pretty. The "other" Caroly...
What is it about Model homes that make them so appealing?  Is it the freshness of all new; is it the sassy paint colors, the perfectly placed furniture, art and accessories or the beautiful groomed backyard that makes you want to plop right down on that comfy club chair, or light the grill on the...
I made a prediction in late April that we would have buyers bail out of short sale transactions as the tax credit neared its end, and that has certainly proven to be true.  May has been a really interesting month for many real estate agents selling short sales.  Our office alone has had seven app...
As we all embrace the internet and social media, there are people out there looking to take advantage of the naive and honest folks like us out there.  So as you use Facebook, Twitter, and the other social media outlets, please keep the following warnings in mind... Here is a link to Five Social ...
  BUYING YOUR FIRST HOME    ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE YOU LOOK AT YOUR FIRST HOME  Buying your first home is an exciting (and a bit scary) adventure. There are many things to learn and much to keep in mind. Here are 10 of the most important things to remember while purchasing your first piece o...
  Do real estate agents buy into the idea that "shopping around" for a mortgage is a good thing? Or do most agents fall into the category of always recommending the same lender, secretly hoping that the buyer will NOT shop?  After all, the one referred to as "MY LENDER" is the safe choice. But is...
  It’s a data delivery device.  It’s Facebook, iTunes, a GPS locator, email, TV, gaming, voice memos, reminder lists and apps like Restaurant Roulette.  In May of 2010, the CTIA (the international association for the wireless telecommunications industry) published a report stating that, for the f...

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