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In my rental market, we have many families moving into the area - military to local facilities and JAG school at UVa, medical school families as well as graudate school students....many of these families don't have time to come to the area to view homes.....luckily, with the assistance of my husb...
I'm now expanding my PM portfolio of properties...I do this every spring and this year I am doing it a little differently...I am marketing/direct mailing to property owners selling their's my reasoning At the end of last year's selling season - July and August, I started getting cal...
Just like the Daytona 500 starts the NASCAR season, February starts my rental season..... ...getting 1099 information to IRS ...send out lease renewal letters vacancies on our website ...inspect units being vacated ...prioritize exterior maintenance for better weather ...organize interior...
Yes, I am a Republican and he was a Democrat; however, he was an ASSET to all of us in Central Virginia and his passing is very sad.  My sympathies to his wife and children and as a member of the AHIP board of directors, I wish to express my appreciation for all the work he did for the citizens o...
A local Realtor referred a local property owner to me this week.  He acknowledged that he was deciding if he wanted to sell his home now or rent it when they left the area.  I previewed the home with him after reviewing past sales/features/description on our local MLS and tax essessor records...t...

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