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When I purchased my first Lexus several years ago, Lexus Financial gave me a one-page confidentiality statement regarding our relationship since I was financing the car through them.  I kept the statement and I started thinking about it...I have now incorporated it into my Resident Handbook so th...
Having used PALM software through 7 years and 3 devices, in addition to category contacts for OWNERS, BUSINESS/VENDORS, TENANTS, I also have PROPERTY information as a catetory with the directions to the properties AND a photo of the property exterior.  This information is helpful giving direction...
Bob's post about weekend Open Houses made me think about how much work I actually do on the weekend.... Started early Saturday AM with 8 posts to Craigslist for today... 8:30AM I went to take picture of exterior of a property I will make a property presentation to on Wed.  I went by the property ...
Up until a few years ago, Virginia had one of the lowest Small Claims court limits  * $2,500...then the VA legislature upped the limit to $5,000 and VA landlords are slowly educating themselves on how to use this court to their advantage....shortly after the increase, I had an eviction of a resid...
04/23/2008 This has been a concern of mine for several years as landlords discuss having cameras in common hallways or directed at their rental property from off the property....I caution our service people to be mindful of their actions in the tenants' home whe...
My life as a property manager got a LOT EASIER several years ago after a PM trade asso luncheon where we brainstormed ways to raise our pen could not write fast enough....on the 1.5 hour drive home, I thought of all the ways I could actually GET PAID for the work I do and knowledge/...
Having just read a post on the BADLANDLORDS website where an ex-tenant wants to file a fair housing complaint against their former landlord for providing a bad/inaccurate reference to their new landlord, I am glad I charge departing residents a small fee * equal to my credit check fee * for renta...
In addition to utilizing a 19 page Resident Handbrook that is provided with our lease packet, I have a move-out procedure that has served me well......I offer lease renewals in Feb for leases that expire at NOON on the 3rd Friday or June or July....the month BEFORE the move out month, I provide a...
Although my area of Central VA is still cold and rainy (witness last Sunday's NASCAR race from Martinsville, VA), I'll be preparing my property list this week for our HVAC service co to arrange for their "spring maintenance" AC system check/filter change. I am surprised how many homeowners do not...

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