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As a frequent contributor to several landlord websites, I am surprised at how many landlords never take photograps of their property - either inside when it is vacant or exterior pictures when the flowers are blooming and grass looks GREEN.  They don't make it a PRIORITY which it should be. With ...
We have a very robust rental market in Central Virginia....many area home sellers are being transferred to other locations for employment and leaving un sold homes to be rented by local property managers and sometimes their unsuccessful selling agent. With this increase in rental home inventory, ...
Watching TV and seeing the Angie's List ad for the flooring guy who took twice as long to perform a job because he was watching pay-per-view on the customers' cable made me realize that how our service firms treat our residents is very important to the bottom line of our business.  This should be...
Just this week, I've had 5 phone calls from property owners who are considering renting their unsold homes...3 home owners have already left the area and 2 are leaving in a few weeks.  During these phone calls, my interview questions are different than those I ask an investor owner. First I want...