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Sorry, not from Oprah's Book Club * Little Pink House  is the story of Susette Kelo whose name would become the heading of one of the most notorious US Supreme Court cases of this or the last century.  Kelo v the City of New London has sex, drugs and rock and roll...corrupt Repub governor, stupid...
When I receive an inquiry for my property management services, I request information on the size of the property and location.  If the property is in my geo service area AND fits in my management portfolio * I LOVE 4 bedrooms w/2-car garage that are less than 8 years old * I then ask for the addr...
I had my first eviction of 2009 - tenants in a $1800 per month house on 12 month lease....2 checks bounced so they were put on bank/certified funds and then they were late in Dec and I waived late/notices fees ($300) if they paid as agreed AND were not late for the remainder of their lease...they...
Having a good move-out inspection procedure HELPS property managers do their job....since most property managers have not actually lived in the properties we manage, having the perspective of the departing residents is a PLUS. In the "HR" industry, it would be called an employment "exit interview...

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