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I took a 2-day course by my web host HOMERENTALS.NET a few years ago and some of the information shared by those attending the course was the use of a spreadsheet to keep track of listing postings AND that postings should be done on the was a no-brainer for me and I am wondering why...
A recent post showing a letter from a property management firm's present posted to the firm's profile on Google and Yahoo made me realize that while we, as property managers, are GOOGLING would-be tenants, they and prospective clients may well be GOOGLING us. Google has taken this to the next ste...
Reluctant Landlords see the $$$ and not the $$$$$$$....they chase the few bucks they will loose if they do not rent their property QUICKLY and have to come out of their pocket for a mortgage payment and they do NOT see the many bucks they will loose if they take the wrong/unscreened residents who...
04/21/2009 Today I started getting inquiries from property listings on BrightRentals....I've never heard of them so when I checked their website - the listings they have are ALL OLD, STALE listings that were rented a year or so ago.......
In the TLC show  "Say YES to the Dress"!  the brides have an idea what they want their bridal dress to look like and they "will know it when they see it"! Unfortunately, many Reluctant Landlords feel the same way....a corporate rental * GREAT!!, rent checks come in like clockwork....a part-time r...
One of the quickest ways to burn out as a landlord is to DO TOO MUCH.  Many landlords think they have to do EVERYTHING whereas they really only need to do a few things - and do them well. When turning over a property to a tenant for the first time, landlords fail to have the property professional...
Yes, it's tax time; however, that is not the the chronology of local real estate, people think about moving 45 to 60 days before their current lease end date. I will be renting a home July 1 to a family moving "into town" from their over-priced "boondocks" home.  Although I have set...
Coming into rental check-in/check-out season, having clear procedures is important.  Having procedures from the START of the landlord/tenant relationship is IMPERATIVE!! I do not show occupied properties without first receiving completed rental applications for all of the adult applicants.  If p...
I've been posting my rental property listings to our local Craigslist "area" site almost from the day our area UVA was listed on the site. Two of the features that are VERY Good that are rarely used correctly are the length of the space allowed for both the ad titles...the space for the price and...
While waiting for my husband to meet me for brunch today, I read Sharon Epperson's article in PARADE * April 12th * What to do if you can't pay the bills... Under "What Should You Pay First?"....she mentions paying t...

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