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Almost every property manager acknowledges that a move-in procedure assists with maintaining a common understanding during the tenancy; however, a MOVE-OUT procedure is equally important in removing any prospect of the property not being left in good condition and ready to re-rent. I have fixed t...
05/31/2009 Actually, our area has been fairly recession proof because of the University of Virginia, National Ground Intelligence Command, and large local private employers and we are importing new-hires for many h...
During the last several weeks, I have had 3 almost identical discussions at property presentations with would-be client/property owners.  They ALL need to move out of their current homes - for job relocation, down-sizing, or to return to school - and they all do not want to sell their current hom...
05/19/2009 This AP article acknowledges something that I have been experiencing for several years.  My residents are no longer using land telephone lines.  They use their cel #s and local cable for DSL/internet access.  In rural areas...
05/10/2009 This article points out something that I have been experiencing for the last two years.....UVa Med School residents coming for 2 or 3 years have bought homes in the past.  Beginning in 2007, they started renting whic...
Once they locate tenants, the reluctant landlord often feel their job is actuality, it is just beginning.  Having the proper forms and check in procedure is CRITICAL.  Many states mandate a move-in inspection routine for documentation as to the condition of the property.  Landlords who...

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