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Interestingly enough, actually occupying a residential rental property is usually not one of the lease requirements.  To paraphrase The Eagles...."They can check-out any time they want, but they can never leave" (their lease until the termination) This is usually the RUDE AWAKENING when residents...
The recent death of Michael Jackson in a rented LA home is a reminder that property managers need to KNOW what their role is in the process when a resident dies. Within hours of the media learning of Michael's collapse after a rehearsal for his upcoming tour, it was reported that he was living in...
I'm heavy into move-out/move-ins and have had 3 property owners travel a few hours to come do minimal work on their property between tenants. I met with one couple on Saturday at their old home/property as they were coming for the weekend to do minor repairs, skirt/clean up the trees and they exp...