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  In the last few weeks, I've been called "silly" and "unprofessional".....because I won't talk to my residents' real estate agents. I calmly indicate that I know my residents are looking for a home and their lease and Resident Handbook outline their options for being relieved for the remainder ...
There are several non-real estate  "business" organizations that real estate professionals feel they must join in order to do business.....the Chamber of Commerce is one and the Better Business Bureau is another. While I have not been a member of the Chamber of Commerce for over 20 years, I have...
For the second time in 2 weeks, I have had prospects who want to view my rental homes show up LATE for their appointment because of their GPS. Now I have BEAUTIFUL directions on my web site listings - directions from nearest large street/road with R/L turns AND there is a photo of the front of t...
In some areas where the economy has not "stimulated", many tenants who rented as "singles" are approaching their landlord about taking in a roommate.....landlords who say NO face lost rent and a vacancy depending on their tenant's financial situation so having a policy to accommodate their tenant...
Although we are getting toward the end of our local (Central Va) rental season, there are more Craigslist listings without photos....many local property managers and landlords left with un-rented inventory are posting many listings at one sitting/day rather than taking the time to create a postle...
RentRecoveryService, the largest and most aggressive landlord collection agency in the country. There are no advance fees or costs associated with our contingency based service. OK * I'm going to give 10 of my oldest/stalest tenant judgements to Rent Recovery Service *
For rental property owners and landlords who think property managers are paid to collect their tenants' monthy rent check and little else, I divised this calendar several years ago so that owners can see that landlording is a hands-on/24*7/job and realizing it sooner rather than later is benefici...
I was not aware of this aspect of the real estate recession of the '70s; however, during this economy, there is a GREAT SELECTION of repair personnel in our area.  Although our area has had a location in Angie's List for almost a year, in the past 5 years, I have had to look for good, quick clean...
This is the condition of the mulched beds in a beautiful home that tenants vacated in July, 2008. I arranged for the beds to be weeded and mulched and sent the tenants the remainder of their security deposit within the 45 day time limit allowed under VA law.  The tenants sued me for $1,200 and t...

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