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The death of a tenant in Ampy Smith's rental units AGAIN stresses that area landlords are REQUIRED by LAW to maintain the smoke alarms in their rental units.  Smith is quoted in The Hook as having REMOVED all of the batters in the smoke alarms of his 9 townhouses. From The Hook * OctoberAcclaimed...
A rental resident who just moved into a property I manage has questioned me twice on procedures that are outlined in her lease and Resident Handbook.  When she did not get the favorable response from me that she wished, she started looking on the internet for information on Virginia landlord ten...
A recent article in The Daily Progress reports on the progress of the new Martha Jefferson Hospital being built on Pantops mountain - about 3 blocks from my office. I remember the "old" Martha Jefferson Hospital from my of my best friends lived down the street on Locust Avenue and I ...
For many years, new construction contained a TRASH they NEVER have them and I have actually removed them and installed cabinets where space was critical in kitchens....they were too messy, bags were expensive AND recycling efforts make the additional expense for use unnecessary....
In the not to distant past * rental advertising meant print newspaper ads, usually in-line classified ads AND a sign in the front yard....then it evolved into listings put on online websites, and signs and fewer print newspaper ads.....NOW marketing is 24/7 and advertising is daily..... I MARKET ...
For the third time in a week, I have been called unprofessional....the first instance was with the applicant who failed to follow my instructions for securing a lease on a home she viewed; then, a resident whose son broke into the rented unit and had the police called on them (police called me) a...
This is a tough one and I have talked to other property managers as to how they handle similar situations and they handle these instances differently. Prospect applicant #1 submits an application and arranges a viewing 3 days later.  She is driving 3 hours to view the property. I offer to bring a...

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