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NASCAR phenom and Daytona 500 winner, Trevor Bayne, and Nationwide series points leader, Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. will open the FIRST NASCAR branded car wash TODAY in Romeoville, ILL.  These drivers are in the area for the NASCAR weekend races in the Chicagoland area. NASCAR awarded the rights to NAS...
I suspect that more states will be adopting these RIGHT to RENT laws over the next few years.  HOA governing documents AND subsequent board and membership actions to curtain units being rented is VERY short lived and SELF destructive.   New California "RIGHT TO RENT" law at common interest develo...
I don't think the Dems are getting it YET * DNC DWS when interviewed could not acknowledge the 8 DECADES that the Dems have held this seat.  GOP rep elected in Nevada also.  Let's hope this is a portend for 2012 New York's 9th Congressional District, first Republican elected in 91 years. What's g...
I'm a Corel/WordPerfect girl and with my Toshibe Thrive and the productivity pack that came loaded in the tablet, I can view these documents once loaded.....I'd love to have this information in the cloud and look forward to MORE applications being available online! Microsoft Office 365 is your on...
#2 is the SECRET GEM that I explain to homeowners who can not sell their homes.  It is the SILVER LINING in the whole process that can actually SAVE them money in their taxes AND SAVE their credit for another home purchase down the road. Cash Flow----Cash Flow----Wherefore Art Thou Cash Flow?   M...
I have clients who live in Singapore and they want to REfi their home that I manage.  I received an e-mail this morning that they had contacted their bank * Wells Fargo * about a REfi and was told that because the home was rented, they would not do a REfi. WHAT?  I thought.  I have just been in c...
WOW!  What a GREAT NASCAR Race from Richmond last night.  Kyle Busch predicted that last weeks' Atlanta race would be a WRECK FEST;  and I think he missed the date of the race....last night's race was awesome for WRECKS, CAUTIONS, HIGH DRAMA - who's in and who's out - played to the backdrop of 9/...
I STOPPED the END OF THE MONTH rush by ending my FIXED TERM leases at NOON on the 3rd Friday of the month.  It allows residents to hire professional movers, cleaners to prep for their move out AND it allows me to have a week to 10 days to get the unit ready for residents moving in on the 1st.  I ...
State and LOCAL laws govern how a security deposit can be handled.  If kept with the property manager/broker, state licensing laws would govern; however, state and local landlord-tenant laws govern if the deposit is kept in a separate or interest bearing account AND if the tenant must be NOTIFIED...
Investors won't get the current low interest rates; however, owners who are leaving the area can certainly REfi, lower their payments and then RENT their current home as an investment.  This is what MANY owners have elected to do rather than selling at a loss and giving up tax write-offs while th...

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