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A maven (also mavin) is a trusted expert in a particular field, who seeks to pass knowledge on to others. The word maven comes from the Hebrew, via Yiddish, and means one who understands, based on an accumulation of knowledge. Wikipedia



After hiring a professional property managers, property owners should talk to their insurance agent and obtain Landlord liability insurance is less than $100 for $1m in coverage and is tax deductible against the rental income.   Costs of Renting Out Your House in Somerset County, NJ Understandin...
Commercial/Retail property owners are having a hard time getting coverage for their properties - especially after 9/11..... Welcome to the WORLD of JANE FONDA * in the 80s....brokers fronting for Jane Fonda's "fitness" centers had to "cloak" their interest because the first call the landlord/prop...
I'm in my office on a Sunday AM writing a lease for a property I showed yesterday. My about-to-be-new tenant had his heart set on another home showed to him by a REAL ESTATE agent on behalf of the property owner. My about-to-be-new tenant told the REAL ESTATE agent that he had been through forecl...
I am mentoring a local real estate FRANCHISE that wants to go into property management to 1) stay alive in the real estate business; and 2) service the many clients in the area who can not sell their homes. We had had 2 meetings over the last 30 days - both at their office which is READILY identi...
January 7, 2012 9pm ET / 6pm PT on ABC – Live StreamLocation: Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire Sponsor: ABC News and WMURParticipants: Santorum, Romney, Paul, Perry, Gingrich, Huntsman January 8, 2012 9am ET on NBC (Yes, 9am)Location: Chubb Theatre at the Capitol Center for the ...
A GOOD HVAC firm is worth their costs for COMFORT and ENERGY costs!  I am so surprised at how many homneowners do NOT have HVAC service firms for their home's most EXPENSIVE equipment. It is always interesting when a furnace blows cold air.  I get interesting phone calls all the time.  This one w...
I'm STILL doing it THE OLD FASHION WAY - graph paper, sharp pencil and scan to pdf for EZFLOORPLAN to give it to me a "finished" plan!   An APP to try out, to love....Click here for Sensopia What will you find? A Magic Plan. Just take pictures using your smartphone. And according to its website, ...
I'll take their money ANYTIME upto the time the judge allows me to file for a writ of possession.  I'm more than happy to take payments, forgive my late/notice fee but I, as a property manager, need to REMEMBER, they don't owe ME, they owe my CLIENTS * the property owners "I can't pay my rent ri...
I have offered $250 for a real estate agent's referral of a property and I have done lease-only in an effort to convert owners to full management NOW * I do a quarterly direct mailing to out-of-area investor owners of DESIRABLE rental properties...they keep my mailings and call me when they need ...
I L♥VE Jeffery Deaver's books.  If you L♥VE mysteries and thrillers that are ACTION PACKED * Deaver's books do not disappoint. Deaver is the successor to Ian Fleming and has written his FIRST James Bond thriller * CARTE BLANCHE * which is GREAT. Deaver's EDGE, written in 2010, is set in the North...

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