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This is an EXCELLENT road to INVESTMENT SUCCESS - keeping the homes too long when they begin to deteriorate and components begin to fail is the road to INVESTMENT DISASTER. the market in the near future.  In our area single family rentals were not all the plentiful.  The rents didn't support sale...
Too many tenants think that their purchasing a home is a GET-OUT-OF-LEASE card and when they think this, I suggest that they have their real estate agent assist them in finding a replacement resident "Sir, I'm very happy for you that you are now in a position to purchase a home, but you do realiz...
I don't take GUARANTORS on my leases and when I DID, I required that they OWN PROPERTY so that any judgement could be RECORDED against their real estate....made many think twice about signing a lease   "There must be some mistake, you see, I never lived in the apartment, it was my grand daughter ...
I have had to STOP departing residents from attempting to touch up walls in the rental home they are vacating - they may get the color correctly; however, they rarely get the FINISH right Paint Finishes: Everything You Need to Know We NJ Home Stagers often suggest painting in neutral colors when ...
My website host has a html that can be posted into my Craigslist ads and I use their WATERMARKED photos as the 8 I insert for the CL photo option....I love using postlets Craigslist is a great tool for listing rentals, or homes for sale. I've heard more property managers say they get more leads f...
20 Colonial Road Lake Monticello VA 22963  3 beds/2 baths$1395 / month      Gibson Management Group, Ltd.Wallace S. Gibson CPM PO Box 106Keswick, VA 22947-0106   Phone: 434 825 1933 Email: Website: Location information 20 Colonial Road Lake Monticello VA...
20 Tanglewood Rd Lake Monticello VA 22963  3 beds/2 baths$1275 / month      Gibson Management Group, Ltd.Wallace S. Gibson CPM PO Box 106Keswick, VA 22947-0106   Phone: 434 825 1933 Email: Website: Location information 20 Tanglewood Rd Lake Monticello VA...
Many states have rules that LMR is the same as "buying" the last month of occupancy for THAT amount of rent and that unless the LMR on file was included in rental increases, that it was not automatically increased    I see rentals advertised all over town. Move in with first, last, and security d...
I am in the process of amending and adding to my SPRING HVAC service list.  It will go with new property keys to my HVAC service firm on Friday. This AM, I received a call from one of my new clients that she has a service contract for her HVAC and that her firm needs to arrange entry. When I was ...
IMHO * real estate agents who have EXCELLENT TENANT prospects NEVER DO...they do not have the resources and take the time to do a background check on their "prospects".....HELLO! That FAKE Rolex has a BATTERY! Recently we responded to a referral request from an agent in Houston whose client wasin...

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