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Need a new GOOD COP in your literary life?  Law & Order creator, Dick Wolf, has created a GREAT new character * Jeremy Fisk. Following in the footsteps of John Koury of Nelson Demille's novels, Fisk speaks Arabic because his mother is Lebanese and his father is a wealthy Texas diplomat which mean...
Deborah brings up some good points about painting....old paint cans are good for the first attempt to MATCH the current paint; however, after a few years, the paint in the can rarely matches the paint on the wall.     I love to paint----well at least I used to when I had the time! I have done the...
  $1095 / 3br - Move-in mid Jan * One Level Home w/Garage * All Appliances * Pet OK (Lake Monticello * 20 Min to MJH & UVA) I L♥VE Craigslist and I post my rental properties AGGRESSIVELY on our local Craigslist 6x a week - I don't do MONDAYS and that's another blog. Since Craigslist has offered t...
What GREAT information, Bob, I have not heard of this device; however, I learned of services that will do the same thing for $75....I rather have the service-in-a-can...thanks! Do you know how to properly test your smoke alarm?  Most people will say to press the little red button...
I L♥VE the Fb sidebar option....I'm not sure how I got mine there and this is a GREAT stepXstep as to how to do it....It's like spying and they know you are there! Facebook has an optional sidebar panel that you can turn on that gives you an interesting perspective of what your facebook friends a...
I've actually REMOVED signs from homes for rent because the neighbors are complaining about people WALKING AROUND THE HOUSE and looking in through windows...HELLO!  There are PHOTOS on my website! I have a house I listed for sale, that is OCCUPIED. You may think it's vacant because the owners are...
I am very sorry everytime I see the REMINDER that iGoogle will disappear in November, I am getting to know as many of its features as possible so that I can find alternatives before it DISAPPEARS.... I am so happy to have found Google CONTACTS.....having used a Palm PDA device for alm...
ve-in mid Jan * One Level Home w/Garage * All Appliances * Pet OK (Lake Monticello * 20 Min to MJH & UVA) Date: 2013-01-06, 5:02AM EST Reply to: see below   Rental Home - Palmyra, VA Single family rental, > Click here for full details, additional photos, and an inquiry form < Single family343 Jef...
I've spent 2 evenings organizing Dropbox, Amazon, Google drive and trying to decide what to put where.....NOW I'm downloading app to my HTC EVO phone and will sign up - thank you! I love using DrobBox for my personal online Storage  and I love using Google Drive for my business online storage, bu...
IMHO * The disparity between DIY landlord marketing and professional property management marketing is getting WIDER as fewer landlords utilize social media to cast a wider net! When Should You Hire a Property Management Firm? By DMK Property Management llc, Darien, Ct.      First of all let’s loo...

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