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I just received an e-mail from Richard Thompson - the HOA expert - announcing his new book * Trade HOA Stress for Success and I must say HALLELUJAH!       Available in paperback for less than $10 or for Kindle FREE for subscribers....this should be a MUST read for every HOA board member, new HOA ...
During January and February, I take the time "refine" my resident handbook that accompanies my leases, my written material * cleaning instructions * as well as my move-in procedure.   My PRIOR move-in procedure including new front door mat (old one to the deck, back entry or garage), water bottle...
My mother graduated from COLLEGE (actually Furman University) with a Home Economics degree so I WISH I had paid more attention to her cooking skills because she had WONDERFUL recipes written on 3x5 cards that have disappeared over the years.    So with my new kitchen, I have started in my quest t...
While many "non-real estate professionals" may not see the trouble brewing here, Tim Harris of Inman clearly sees a problem with the MAJOR MLS data feed to Zillow possibly disappearing in April.   Is the beginning of the end of Zillow?   I receive almost half of my rental inquiries from Zillow/Tr...
I already have a vew rental homes posted on my web site for occupancy this summer where I know that the residents will be leaving....and ALREADY rental prospects are getting frustrated with the VERY SLIM choices they have.   While I will certainly have more rental homes available after I send out...
I am about to start tenant move-out season and am looking forward to the items that tenants will leave me.   In the past, I have gotten whole dryers full of towels * wonder if that is the only time they have been cleaned * as well as yard equipment, potted plants and yard ornaments.     I also ge...
In my Craigslist listings, I frequently indicate that my rental listings are in EXCELLENT or IMMACULATE condition and when I show occupied homes, I get the response that the home does not look like "tenants" live there.     I'm not sure how a property is supposed to look that is tenant occupied; ...
New tenants just moved into a gorgeous townhouse that the owner lived in for 3 years and OVERimproved to the point that she would loose $100,000 if she sold it.    In true tenant fashion - where NOTHING was WRONG - they found items that needed repair.....after a month in residence, a gas burner w...
While I was in the line at a local popular bagel shop recently, a woman and her husband in front of me were lamenting to a friend how HARD homeownership is.   Their plumbing has a leak and she was unsure what to do.  Her quote was..."when she was a tenant, she just called her landlord" tha...
Nobody likes being called a when tenants of mine * who I served a 5-Day Pay Rent in Full or Quit notice yesterday * e-mailed me....   Hello Wallace,   I am quite sure that the latest date postmarked for the rent that has been sent to you has been the 5th of the month.  I always have t...

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