charlottesville homes for rent: YES! I CAN Say That This Rental Listing is in EXCELLENT Condition! - 01/09/15 09:23 PM
In my Craigslist listings, I frequently indicate that my rental listings are in EXCELLENT or IMMACULATE condition and when I show occupied homes, I get the response that the home does not look like "tenants" live there.

I'm not sure how a property is supposed to look that is tenant occupied; however, just like the saying..."there are no BAD dogs, only BAD owners"...I suspect...."there are no occupied rental homes that are in BAD condition unless the landlord/property manager did not TRAIN their residents not to be BAD".
I go to great lenghts to make sure that my … (6 comments)

charlottesville homes for rent: When Tenants Do Repairs On Their Own.....Just Say NO! - 01/09/15 05:19 AM
New tenants just moved into a gorgeous townhouse that the owner lived in for 3 years and OVERimproved to the point that she would loose $100,000 if she sold it. 
In true tenant fashion - where NOTHING was WRONG - they found items that needed repair.....after a month in residence, a gas burner would not work so I suggested they clean it...they cleaned it and THEN it worked.
Then the fireplace UPgrade would not work.  The owners left the instruction manual AND a How-To on how to turn it on.  Tenant finally went to installer whose name was on … (7 comments)

charlottesville homes for rent: Tenants THANK ME for NOT Sending My Repairman! - 01/06/15 12:00 AM
We are in SEVERE flu season * hand washing and face masks are everywhere * and while I don't have a lot of kids in my life, I no longer shake hands with rental prospects when showing properties and I have curtailed my desire to be Southern "kissing cousins".
So when my repairman's grandson/helper got the flu, I started advising residents with repair issues that I would not be sending him to their home until both of them were well.  I am fortunate to have a great selection of appliance, HVAC repair service firms as well as plumber and yard … (4 comments)

charlottesville homes for rent: If They Are SO WILLING to Break their Lease, Why Would I Want Them? - 01/01/15 07:11 PM
Now is a tough time of year to rent rental homes - for landlords and rental prospects.
Maybe it because they are fed up with (1) the noise from their neighbors; (2) too high utilities; (3) or have a baby coming in 7 months....the seem to contact me saying they HAVE A LEASE and NEED TO MOVE.
A recent prospect indicated their lease was not up for 9 more months; however, the WANTED to move.
This brings me to THEIR 2 dilemma....what landlord would willingly take rental prospects who are demonstrating that they are willing to break their lease AND … (11 comments)

charlottesville homes for rent: Cinderella Chronicles * Part DEUX * I want them to move in the SPRING - 03/11/13 10:23 PM
One of my current clients have moved twice since I started managing and renting their local townhome almost 5 years ago.
They are now exploring the possibility of selling the unit and have had their real estate agent view the townhouse and give them a selling extimate and market analysis.
Meanwhile, the townhouse residents want a KNOWN lease end date if they are to renew their lease and they know they will have a better chance securing a new home in the SUMMER of 2014 than March, 2014 which is when the owners' real estate agent is telling them they need … (5 comments)

charlottesville homes for rent: Cinderella Chronicles * I have to move EARLIER than THAT! - 03/10/13 09:34 PM
My current residents have almost all renewed their leases for another year and those who have NOT * I will be activating the listing for their homes on my web site and in organize them in my Craigslist posting routine * will be moving out of the area for their employment or further education.
Because there are fewer available rental homes in the area, local renters who want to move UP or DOWN are anxious to find another rental home and
I had a rental prospect contact me about a PERFECT new home she found on my website * PERFECT … (8 comments)

charlottesville homes for rent: You are NOT getting a Call BACK from me or showing my Rental Listing BECAUSE... - 03/23/12 07:37 AM
You are NOT getting a call back from me or SHOWING my Rental Listing BECAUSE.......
1) YOUR assistant called me from your office fax line with no voicemail;
2) YOUR assistant failed to give me a call back # in her voicemail message;
3) YOUR website does not list your assistant or HER e-mail OR her direct office line;
4) YOUR website has ONEROUS sign up requirement to get a message to YOU;
5) YOUR assistant indicated you wanted to show an OCCUPIED rental home on the WEEKEND with less than 24 hour notice;
6)  YOUR assistant failed to provide when … (10 comments)

charlottesville homes for rent: I am but a LOWLY PROPERTY MANAGER, Mr. Mortgage Broker...I'll SOLVE your Problem at the 11th Hour! - 03/06/12 05:59 AM
I have a long-time property management client who is refinancing her local rental home before she starts a trip of several months.
The appraisal was done last week and I e-mailed the lease and lease renewal letters to the mortgage broker last week.....TODAY I get a call that the exterior needs to be pressure washed, a screen door fixed and a piece of dry rotted wood replaced......NO PROBLEM in 8 inches of snow.
HELLO!  it is 28 degrees and there is snow all over the ground.  Screen door is the resident's responsibility as they backed into it....the piece of wood, no … (9 comments)

charlottesville homes for rent: YES! I want my Rental Listings off of ZILLOW and TRULIA! They are providing INCORRECT Information! - 03/05/12 09:11 PM
I have stopped using my postlets account because they took my $250 and then "disappeared" $$$ and offered me something that I do not need as a rental agent.  UGH!
Now that our area rental market is so tight, rental prospects are branching out and searching on Zillow and Trulia and those listings are INCOMPLETE and they have the SALES information for the property.  DOUBLE UGH!
This listing has been placed through my website host under a "partnership" agreement and I have asked them to remove Zillow and Trulia from my migration sites for my listings.

charlottesville homes for rent: Do you KNOW A Mrs. Murphy? You should if you WANT to Avoid Fair Housing Issues. - 02/04/12 09:58 PM
What every real estate agent has heard and few remember is that there are EXEMPTIONS to the FEDERAL Fair Housing Act.
One of those exemptions is the Mrs. Murphy's rule OR Mrs. Murphy's Exemption under the FHA.  This exemption provides that if a "dwelling" has four or fewer rental units and the OWNER lives in one of those units, that the home is exempt from the FHA.  There really is no Mrs. Murphy * she is a fictional elderly widow who has converted her home into a rental or boarding house to supplement her income.
NOW, with the economic downturn, there … (50 comments)

charlottesville homes for rent: Everything about Renting In the CENTRAL Virginia - How to qualify for a rental property - 08/06/11 12:36 PM
I'm STRONGLY suggesting that prospects come to property viewings with completed applications AND their checkbook....I'm having multiple offers on homes and it is coming down to who wants to move in the SOONEST and who wants to lease the LONGEST * 12 or 24 months!
Everything about Renting In the DFW - How to qualify for a rental property
Money Requisites

Property owners of rental buildings really want that any tenant's yearly earnings match particular minimums. This minimum is oftentimes 40 to 50 times the monthly rent. In other word you could possibly say the your monthly gross … (2 comments)

charlottesville homes for rent: Danica Patrick KNOWS Teamwork * She Gets It * Why Don't MORE Real Estate Agents - 07/02/11 01:31 AM
Openwheel driver Danica Patrick * GO DADDY girl * has been running selected races in NASCAR's Nationwide series for 2 years for Dale Earnhardt JR's JR Motor Sports. 

The BEST equipment JR's money can buy * DYNOMITE coaching by Nationwide Champ Dale Jr and Truck Champ Johnny Benson * SUPPORTIVE sponsor in GoDaddy. Last night's Nationwide race at Daytona required 2 cars to "hook up" to go faster. Danica found 2X NASCAR Cup Champ Tony Stewart early in the race and found "clean air" up front for several laps....and she liked it from her in-car radio that aired … (2 comments)

charlottesville homes for rent: In case you were wondering, QR codes can be put in your Craigslist ad html!!! - 04/05/11 11:47 PM
Forest Lakes * Hollymead * 29 North Homes for Rent (Homes Close to NGIC * DIA * CHO ) Date: 2011-04-06, 6:37AM EDTReply to: see below  Gibson Management Group, Ltd. 3266 Arbor Trace * Forest Lakes North * Available July 1 * $1395 * All Appliances * Walk to Club House, Tennis and Pool 361 Daniels Road * Barboursville * Available July 1 * $1465 * 1st Floor Master BR * Open Kitchen*Dining*Living Rm w/FP * Pet OK 1591 Broad Crossing Road * Hollymead * Available July 1 $1495 * Walk to Hollymead & Sutherland Schools 1770 Easy Lane * Hollymead * Available July 1 … (5 comments)

charlottesville homes for rent: Want to Run for Mayor of Chicago? * Better LIVE in Chicago as RULES Dictate!!! - 09/27/10 11:11 PM
In a small stroke of irony, WHCS Rahm Emanuel RENEWED the lease on his Chicago home 6 days BEFORE the current mayor announced he was not running for re-election.  Emanuel has long wanted THAT job!!! The current residents of Emanuel's home on N. Hermitage rented the home a year ago from an internet ad.  He works from the home and has 2 children in nearby schools.  The family signed an additional lease renewal through June 2011 and Emanuel needs the RESIDENCE address in order to run for mayor. Evidently frequent FRANTIC calls to the tenants have not elicited the CORRECT or … (12 comments)

charlottesville homes for rent: Yes!...there are ActiveRain Property Manager Members who Blog!!! - 09/10/10 01:08 AM
Rank          Member Blog                                                                   Points    Posts   Search ActiveRain … (7 comments)

charlottesville homes for rent: PETTY BLUE * Bio Documentary on The KING of NASCAR * on CMT in October - 09/07/10 11:11 PM
NASCAR and CMT have partnered to bring Richard THE KING Petty's life to BIG screen in Charlotte next week and on dvd and CMT in PETTY BLUE In their infinite wisdom, NASCAR formed NASCAR Media Group to encourage the POSITIVE image of NASCAR and to control the NASCAR media being used in films and on tv. Unlike the docu-drama #3 about Dale Earnhardt, SR, the CMT production DALE had the blessing of the Earnhardt family as well as NASCAR and included NASCAR race footage. Petty and Dale SR were both included in the First Class of Inductees to the NASCAR … (4 comments)

charlottesville homes for rent: Area Craigslist Rental Photos NEED Updating * LESS LEAVES, please * Wordless Wednesday - 09/01/10 12:11 AM


charlottesville homes for rent: Progressive Ins X-Prize Cars are CLOSE to HOME * Charlottesville, VA - 08/27/10 12:17 AM
While watching tv yesterday, I was reminded of the "finals" of the X-Prize Car competition which has a "local" Central VA component in that Oliver Kuttner is the founder of the Edison2 team which has 2 out of their original 3 cars in the competition.
Although his site's bio identifies him as the developer of Charlottesville's blighted downtown, I suspect many Mall businesses effected by his efforts to build and renovate buildings on our historic Downtown Mall are happy to see his energies directed elsewhere.

charlottesville homes for rent: Civilian Renters often Loose Out when there are Military Families in Competition - 08/24/10 12:30 AM
Much has been in the news recently about "government" job pay scale FAR exceeding that of the "private" sector.  This being ALSO being played out in our area's rental market as many new-hires for government and military positions are moving into the area and they are being subsidized by the government. They are being put up in local hotels under TLA * temporary living arrangement (allowance) * while they take their time and look for rental housing.  Their household goods are enroute from their current home, again on the government's tab.  Many have housing allowances and are not effected by poor … (0 comments)

charlottesville homes for rent: Home for Lease in Forest Lakes * Available NOW * $1695 * Pet OK * Walk to Pool & Tennis - 08/15/10 08:11 AM
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