fair housing: What does SINGLE FAMILY REALLY mean? - 06/11/14 11:29 PM
I RARELY take condo/townhouse properties in self-managed HOAs because of the burden of educating many board members on the nuiances of their rules and regulations NOT conforming to state and federal laws.
I did take a townhouse a few months ago and got it rented with almost a month lee-way to get lease approval from the 4-person board of directors.
I sent a copy of the 6-page lease to the designated board member and as well as my owner and waited a week.
After conferring with my owner on the NON-response from the board member, I sent all … (2 comments)

fair housing: State and Local Building Codes May NOW Govern Occupancy in Rental Properties - 10/26/12 11:41 PM
I spent the last 3 days at the VAR Property Management Coalition Conference and one of the DISCOURAGING topics that was discussed was by attorney Chip Dicks who is representing 2 property owners who have had fair housing complaints filed against them when they were only following the Keating Memo of the late 90s.
The Keating memo is a HUD document that has been the guideline for occupancy standards where fair housing agencies have gotten occupancy complaints.  2 persons per bedroom has been the guideline for almost 15 years.
A VA fair housing agency * HOME * Housing Opportunity Made … (13 comments)

fair housing: Michigan Fair Housing Agency files Suit for Emotional Support Rodent - 06/23/12 10:12 AM
The Fair Housing Center of West Michigan has filed suit against the Grand Valley State University for RESTRICTIONS it placed on a student having an EMOTIONAL SUPPORT RODENT in her on campus apartment.
Kendra Velzen is legally handicapped and wanted a GUINEA PIG for emotional support.  GVSU allowed her to have the animal in her apartment from October 2011 through the winter semester of 2012 when she left the apartment.
Because GVSU placed restrictions on their approval, Nancy Haynes, executive director of the fair housing agency, indicated that GVSU should not have the complaint dropped because her agency had expended considerable … (7 comments)

fair housing: DIY Virginia Landlords * Do you have your Fair Housing Certificate? - 05/23/11 03:54 AM
Virginia has been very proactive in the area of fair housing.  Several years ago, they enacted legislation whereby persons who are in the business or selling and renting dwellings AND who do mot have a real estate license need to be "certified" in the area of fair housing training. The Virginia Fair Housing Board has developed "Fair Housing Certification" regulations and landlords and rental property owners must complete the two hours of fair housing training every two years and pay the required fee.  Classes are given around the state by the Virginia Fair Housing Board http://www.dpor.virginia.gov/dporweb/Fair%20Housing%20Class%20Schedule.pdf

fair housing: Chicago Landlord pays $35,000 * BUT WHO GETS THE $$$? Who Pays the Costs? - 01/21/11 10:43 PM
Decades ago, these types of settlements never saw the light of day NOR were they discussed, printed or put on the internet. A "side" issue of the DoJ's crowing about THIS settlement is that NOW the complainants will FOREVER be linked with this situation by GOOGLE and other search engines. When FUTURE landlords, employers, etc. Google their names, this DoJ press release will come  up.  Did the Majied family foresee this when they contacted the South Suburban Housing Center with their fair housing complaint?  Was there a WARNING on their complaint form?  Was there a RELEASE that their situation could be … (2 comments)

fair housing: Fair Housing Comes in All Shapes, Sizes and Effects Even the Most Affluent Counties! - 01/11/11 10:14 PM
.....like Marin county, CA. Marin county and HUD have signed an agreement whereby Marin will reach out and attract minorities into the 80% White county and encourage more minorities to move into the VERY EXPENSIVE enclaves of Tiburon, Belvedere and Mill Valley.  HUD does not like where they are living now. Marin is just over the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco * between San Francisco and Sonoma counties as one drives up US101 North out of the Bay Area. Never mind that there are minorities in the immediate area/counties of Sonoma * I've lived there and rented to them * … (6 comments)

fair housing: Condo Purchasers * Ask about FAIR HOUSING COMPLAINTS Against the HOA - 10/08/10 12:51 AM
Real estate agents representing buyers and sellers of condo/HOA units should be asking for a detailed list of pending litigation AND fair housing complaints when getting HOA financial packages.....even if there is no budget item for attorney/legal fees.

This complaint by the VA AG's office shows how important reading the HOA rules and regulations AND asking about current or pending litigation impacts would-be buyers and sellers. Sellers should have copies of the board minutes as well as annual meeting minutes and review the board's actions that may not have been done in accordance with local, state and federal … (6 comments)

fair housing: Local Craigslist Listing Titles VIOLATE Fair Housing * Who is WATCHING? - 05/31/10 06:47 AM
$705 / 3br - Quiet home for small family. - (Charlottesville)
$1550 / 4br - Belmont Family Home - (Belmont at Clark Elementary) img
$1595 / 3br - Family home in Louisa - (1319 Loving Road) img
$1875 / 5br - Lrg private family house on 2 acres, w/ oversized garage - (Charlottesville/mins to NGIC) img
$1900 / 4br - ♣ Single Family Built in 2005 ~ Fenced Yard ~ Available Summer 2010 - (Downtown Cville ~ Brookwood) img
$1400 / 3br - Single family house - (North Forset Lakes) pic
$1950 / 4br - 2-story single family home with 2-car … (4 comments)

fair housing: MA Landlord Fined for Discriminatory Craigslist Ad * April is Fair Housing Month - 04/07/10 09:06 AM
Although this MA suit was based on the proposed applicant being a Section 8 resident which is NOT a protected class under the Federal Fair Housing Act, it IS a protected class under MA fair housing laws.

Get your Fair Housing Logo HERE

fair housing: Why there will never be a FairHousingGate!!! - 12/02/09 04:20 AM
The term "gate" is now commonly being used to expose government fraud - Watergate is the DC landmark made famous by the burglars who broke into the DNC hq in the mid-70s....WATERGATE became the scandal that brought down the Nixon White House.
Several "gates" have come forward from IranGate involving guns for hostages; CamillaGate involving telephone conversations between Camilla Parker-Bowles and Prince Charles: and NOW we have ClimateGate involving the bogus science surrounding the Global Warming/Climate Change hysteria.
....But, there won't be a FairHousingGate....there SHOULD be, but there won't.  
Complainants (prospects or tenants) don't want the fact that they filed … (0 comments)

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