landlordwhisperer: Special Shout-Out to * Keeping me INFORMED & in BUSINESS - 11/01/12 03:09 AM
I received a phone call yesterday from an out-of-area phone area code and because I could not hear the caller on my cel phone, I had to ask her to repeate her name.
She was Heather Anderson of HERO * * calling me from Arizona to tell me that my website was down.
Heather is not a rental prospect, she is a customer service representative with HERO and was calling me to tell me what they were doing BECAUSE MY WEBSITE WAS DOWN....and I DID NOT EVEN KNOW IT.
I have continued to get e-mail communications from prospects and I … (0 comments)

landlordwhisperer: VACANT Properties * Time to WINTERIZE * Then they will RENT! - 11/01/12 02:37 AM
I have very few vacant and available rental homes at this time of the year so I hope I won't have this problem this winter; however, in the past, I have "winterized" country properties that were vacant because if the power went out and the heat stopped, pipes would freeze and break.
Thankfully, I have been installing programable thermostats when properties are being serviced by my HVAC service firm for spring and fall system checks so setting them to maintain ABOVE FREEZING temps during the colder night time hours is fairly simple

THEN...the last two times I winterized homes, … (0 comments)

landlordwhisperer: One-Level Home w/Garage * Available NOW * Lake Monticello $1,145 - 10/31/12 12:25 AM

landlordwhisperer: Observations from Spending Half of the last 2 weeks in Property Management Courses - 10/27/12 06:41 AM
In 2000 and 2001, I was one of the first to chair the VAR (Virginia Association of Realtors) Property Management Council - I served for 2 years and one of the  events we started during my term was the Property Management Coalition *   a joint conference on property management issues by VAR, NARPM, IREM, CAI and VAMA * Virginia Apartment Management Association of NAA.
Our first conference was held at a hotel near the Richmond airport and we had 50 attendees.  The recent one was held in my 'hood and we had over 5X that many attendees which is an … (8 comments)

landlordwhisperer: State and Local Building Codes May NOW Govern Occupancy in Rental Properties - 10/26/12 11:41 PM
I spent the last 3 days at the VAR Property Management Coalition Conference and one of the DISCOURAGING topics that was discussed was by attorney Chip Dicks who is representing 2 property owners who have had fair housing complaints filed against them when they were only following the Keating Memo of the late 90s.
The Keating memo is a HUD document that has been the guideline for occupancy standards where fair housing agencies have gotten occupancy complaints.  2 persons per bedroom has been the guideline for almost 15 years.
A VA fair housing agency * HOME * Housing Opportunity Made … (13 comments)

landlordwhisperer: Forest Lakes NORTH * Available Now * $1,595 - Walk to Pool, Tennis, Club House - 10/25/12 08:35 PM
 - Move-in NOW * Walk to Club House * Pool & Tennis Court (Forest Lakes North * 5 Min to NGIC) Date: 2012-10-26, 6:26AM EDTReply to: see below
Rental Home - Charlottesville, VA Single family rental, … (1 comments)

landlordwhisperer: Lake Monticello * One-Level Home w/Garage * Available for Lease $1,145 - 10/25/12 08:33 PM
Rental Home - Lake Monticello, VA Single family rental,

landlordwhisperer: Gently Used 3-Level Townhouse * 2-Car Garage * $1,445 * Available NOW - 10/25/12 08:22 PM
Rental Home - Charlottesville, VA Townhouse rental,

landlordwhisperer: ONE-Level Redfields Villa * $1,345 * Available NOW * One Car Garage - 10/25/12 08:19 PM
Rental Home - Charlottesville, VA Patio home rental,

landlordwhisperer: Lease for The Cure! It's been Done * BY ME! - 10/20/12 09:11 PM
A property management firm in California is sponsoring it's LEASE FOR THE CURE for the second year.
They are offering to donate $20 to $25 per lease in October to the American Cancer Society.
HELLO!  I started this over 10 years ago and I gave $250 for each property I took in for management and for each property I leased to Ford's Race for the Cure which was featured on Dale Jarrett's #88 UPS Ford.

For the last few years, PINK cars have been fielded in NASCAR races in October as car/team sponsors embrace the Susan G. Komen … (5 comments)

landlordwhisperer: Long Family Holiday Trip in the CAR * Listen to JK Rowling's Casual Vacancy - 10/20/12 06:50 AM
Now the kids will want to listen to their own ipods or watch the DVD in the back of your headrests; however, make them a deal that they only have to listen to the first disk (there are 15 so it must be a LONG trip) and then if they are not interested, they don't have to listen.....they will be hooked.
Rowling writes her characters in the fictional English town of Pagford with the same richness she did her Hogwards and Harry Potter characters; however, she has more challenges with the "real world" aspects of NON-magical characters in this lovely village … (3 comments)

landlordwhisperer: I Spent Yesterday Morning With Some of the BRIGHTEST Minds in Property Management - 10/18/12 11:28 PM
Over 8 years ago, I was asked to be on a local board of a non-profit which was starting an expansion in providing low-income residents affordable rental housing.
They had already completed the purchase and renovation of an area apartment complex and were having onsite management issues and they were looking for additional properties including compiling several tracts of land to build a tax-credit multi-unit residential rental project.
I was flattered and knew I would have to give up some of my other duties so I elected to give up my teaching and committee involvement in NARPM which I had enjoyed … (9 comments)

landlordwhisperer: YES! I remember when leases ended at MIDNIGHT * The day does not start at NOON - 10/18/12 06:30 AM
Long ago, in a land far, far away.....rental leases ended at midnight.  I don't know why except that is made sense to someone that a new day started at 12:01A so it must be easier to calculate and pro-rate rents.
Then * maybe after daylight savings time * it became the norm to end leases at NOON/12:01P * in the DAYLIGHT  * so it was easier to arrange for landlords and tenants to do a proper check-out inspection without flashlights.

While this made sense, pro-rations became problematic since NOON did NOT start a new day.
It is my … (1 comments)

landlordwhisperer: Not TOO Early to Order your CHRISTMAS Presents * Books! Duck Dynasty - 10/16/12 09:10 PM
Got a husband, son, daughter, friend who loves SPORTS, HUNTING or FISHING - this book is for them.

The REAL LIFE characters from the A&E show Duck Dynasty have written a book/cook book/family book on their home-spun lifestyle with a kick.
Phil and Kay Robertson are the father/mother of this dynasty which also includes several more children that are not shown on the show.
Their lives were hard and there were often separations for work; however, over time, they settled in an old fishing camp in Louisiana and their kids grew up hunting, fishing, skinning and eating what they caught.

landlordwhisperer: Local Realtor does not KNOW that Landlord References are Governed by LAW - 10/15/12 02:09 AM
A local Realtor is e-mailing me for a reference for a former resident - who moved out 2 months ago.
I have e-mailed my former resident that I need her written authorization to release her prior tenant information AND a $50 check because I have a "forms fee" for providing this service.
The real estate agent e-mailed me a second time with the following questions in his e-mail....
Did she pay her rent on time?
Were there any damages to the property?
Are there any arrears (sic arrearages)?
Would you lease to her again?
Was she a responsible tenant?

Not … (1 comments)

landlordwhisperer: I'm Sorry * Bullying ME Does Not Get YOU the Keys to My Client's Property - 10/14/12 02:53 AM
I showed a nice lady a condo last week that is perfect for her and her trans-plant husband moving into the area for new new Job.
She met the nice "adult" neighbor and she was going to call her husband to view the home online ASAP.
About an hour later, I get a call from her that they want their family trust to be the tenant and while I said I would take anyone's check, she and her husband would be required to complete applications.  I gave her application forms and advised her that her husband could download one from my … (64 comments)

landlordwhisperer: I'm Sorry ActiveRain does not have a BLACK FLAG like NASCAR - 10/13/12 02:01 AM
In NASCAR, a BLACK FLAG means you need to come into the pit and STOP or PARK YOUR CAR.....meaning, you don't need to be on the track and racing.
I feel like ActiveRain needs a BLACK FLAG.  I thought it when the whole EPA/Lead Based Paint certification MISinformation that was published BEFORE the EPA changed it's mind on if owners could do their own lead corrections without following the rules; and THEN, about the whole 1099 Obamacare issue which went away in a Congressional vote AND the IRS requirement for providing 1099s to vendors you have paid over $600 to … (3 comments)

landlordwhisperer: AGENTS! Owners want to NOW RENT their Homes? Take Off the FOR SALE sign - 10/11/12 07:45 AM
I've been asked twice this week if one of my FOR LEASE properties was also on the market for sale. Seems that many UNsold homes are now going on the FOR RENT market after the owners have DEPARTED and the listing agents are being tasked with finding  a tenant and they are NOT taking off the FOR SALE sign. While it could be that 1) they don't have any FOR RENT signs; 2) that the owners want the property to stay on the SALES market while attempting to RENT it also; or 3) that the agent is too lazy to remove and … (8 comments)

landlordwhisperer: One Level Home w/Garage in Redfields * Available NOW * $1,375 - 10/06/12 09:09 PM

landlordwhisperer: Gently Used 3-Level Townhouse * 2-Car Garage * $1,475 * Available NOW - 10/06/12 09:08 PM

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