nascar: Yes! Virginia! There are NASCAR Christmas Ornaments * Silent Night Sunday - 12/22/12 08:40 PM


nascar: No NASCAR this Sunday * I'll be Watching the BIG BOATS! - 06/26/12 09:30 AM
You might ask how a GRITS * Girl Raised In The South * ended up liking YACHT racing.

I actually did not even know about the event until I lived in Hawaii and we got off work to stand at Diamond Head and watch the Trans Pac boats come in.  
They were awesome and I got hooked.  
If there was a Yacht Racing channel, I'd subscribe.

The history of the America's Cup *'s_Cup * is RICH with international rivalries.  If you watch Oprah's Master Class with Ted Turner, you will learn that he has won the America's Cup … (5 comments)

nascar: How does NASCAR's UBER Team Owner Celebrate 200 WIN! Brad Paisley! - 05/23/12 09:42 PM
In celebration of their 200 NASCAR win, Hendrick Motor Sports celebrated recently with a PAR-TAY!
4X NASCAR Champ Jeff Gordon (on the left in the photo) originally came out with guitar and WHITE hat and fooled the attendees for about 3 seconds and then Brad Paisley appeared.
The 4 Hendrick teams had tractor trailers following the teams to races for the last 2 months to arrange a celebration for the 200th win that came at Darlington 2 weeks ago....supposedly, owner Rick Hendrick did not know of these trips as it was to be a surprise.


nascar: Voting for the 4th Class of the NASCAR Hall of Fame is TODAY * Here are my pics! - 05/23/12 03:27 AM
NASCAR names 25 NASCAR people affiliated with the sport for each year's class and only 5 are are my pics for 2012....

Rick Hendrick who just got his 200 NASCAR win who is the UBER team owner with 4X Jeff Gordon and 5X Jimmy Johnson in his stable
Red Byron who won the VERY FIRST NASCAR sanctioned race in 1948 and the FIRST championship
Fireball Roberts from my hometown of Greenville SC....he got the name FIREBALL from his pitching not his racing.  He won 7 races at the Daytona speedway.
Leonard Wood who should have been inducted last year … (5 comments)

nascar: I'll Take * Rush Limbaugh and Dale Earnhardt Jr for $80m, Alex.... - 05/18/12 09:07 AM
There has been a year long battle to DEfund military sponsorship of NASCAR race teams to the tune of $80m.
The Army sponsors the Stewart Hass #39 Chevrolet (Government Motors) of Ryan Newman and the National Guard sponsors the #88 Chevrolet of UBER NASCAR owner Rick Hendrick and driven by the most POPULAR driver for the last decade * Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

So what do Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and Rush Limbaugh have in common * just like Rush replaced his sponsors who left his radio show at the speed of a BIC pen click after his "slut" comment; JR will … (7 comments)

nascar: In my NEXT life, I want to Be JR's Property Manager - 03/12/12 10:43 AM

So....where did the FIREY #42 that wrecked by hitting the Jet Dryer at the Daytona 500 go?     JR's back yard.
In addition to having a REAL cowboy town called Whiskey River (same name as his Charlotte night spot) with guest rooms, jail, saloon, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. has a "graveyard" for auto wrecks.
His latest addition is the #42 of Juan Pablo Montoya from the wreck with the Jet Dryer at the Daytona 500.
JR has indicated he'd like the Jet Dryer wreck but he expects NASCAR is studying it somewhere.

nascar: ActiveRain Members * KNOW your local NASCAR Track * BLOG your local HAULER Parade... - 03/06/12 07:48 PM
In TRUE NASCAR fashion * the ORDINARY routine of getting NASCAR cars and teams to their weekend tracks for races has become an EVENT.  
ActiveRain members who live near Las Vegas will have an AWESOME opportunity to blog about the PREMIER NASCAR Hauler Parade down the Las Vegas strip Thursday/tomorrow 6 to 8P.  I love the photos of the haulers that are shiny and sleek with their headlights on!
It is my understanding that these parades originally started as a promotion for the weekend races to the local population and then became a "happening" due to sponsors and local community … (8 comments)

nascar: UAW to fly ANTI-Romney Banner over the Daytona 500 * I doubt we'll see it on Fox - 02/25/12 07:05 PM
UAW * United Auto Workers will fly an ANTI-Romney banner over the Daytona 500 tomorrow afternoon.  I doubt if TV viewers will see it as the race will be televised by FOX.
The premise is that had Romney's "do not bail out Detroit" advice been followed, there would be no cars in NASCAR......NOT TRUE.
FORD * 2 of Jack Roush's Fords are on the front row tomorrow, did NOT take the government bailout.
DODGE * except for 2 Penske cars and Robby Gordon's single entry * are the ONLY 3 cars in the 43 car field....Dodge has not supported their teams … (10 comments)

nascar: Laugh at my writing about NASCAR if you will....GOOGLE L♥VES it! - 01/13/12 02:21 AM
The Official Site of NASCAR News, Video, Drivers, Tracks ... 2 days ago – NASCAR.COM is the official site of NASCAR, the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. Find information on NASCAR races, tracks, ... You've visited this page 20 times. Last visit: 1/13/12 NASCAR - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) is a family-owned and -operated business venture that sanctions and governs multiple auto ... … (7 comments)

nascar: Former NASCAR Driver * 3rd Generation of the Petty Family * Kyle Petty Lists his SC Home - 01/03/12 12:26 PM shows the home in the Wild Dunes section of Isle of Palms in Charleston County, SC is 4,100 square feet and is being offered furnished.
Kyle Petty and his wife, Patty, are the founders of the Victory Junction Gang Camp which is affiliated with Paul Newman's Hole in the Wall camps for chronically ill children.
Petty is the son of NASCAR icon Richard Petty and the grandson of Petty family founder, Lee Petty.
Kyle last raced in 2008 and is frequently seen as an announcer and color commentator for NASCAR events with his ponytail under his #45 ball cap.  The … (2 comments)

nascar: NASCAR Fable * SEASONED Winner v SPONSOR-Friendly FEEL GOOD STORY! - 12/27/11 11:45 PM
In NASCAR, it is called the "silly season" when drivers, teams, owners and sponsors switch "rides" before the NEXT season.
This year's FEEL GOOD story may be the possibility of the "Cuban Missle" Aric Almirola going to the HISTORIC #43 of Richard Petty Motorsports.
Almirola has virtially no experience at the HIGHEST/Cup level of the sport; however, he is has had good "rides" with DEI and Joe Gibbs Racing and raced last year for JR (Dale Jr.) Motorsports.

Almirola would be replacing Cup Driver AJ Allmendinger who is going to the #22 Shell car of Uber owner Roger Penske.  

nascar: I'm SORRY, I am NOT your Beck and Call Girl! I have my PRIORITIES! - 12/25/11 11:37 PM
I'm pretty accessible and willing to show my clients' rental properties and to make NEW client property presentations. 
I'll show VACANT properties on the weekend (Sunday before the CUP race during the NASCAR season) and Saturday during the AM.  I can also do a property presentation on the weekend and I'll meet with client prospects in their home after work during the weekdays.
....however, when rental prospects call me at 10P on December 22d and do not leave me a voicemail message and then call me again after 5P on the 23rd and say they are on their way to the … (21 comments)

nascar: Need a Last Minute Gift for a NASCAR Fan * Order the NASCAR 2012 Pet Calendar - 12/17/11 10:48 PM
It's USEFUL and it is for a good cause.  Most NASCAR drivers in the upper tier of the sport have foundations or charities that they sponsor.
Greg Biffle and Ryan Newman and their wives help pets and fund dog rescue and adoption services.  The Newmans assisted and funded pet rescue after Katrina.
For the last several years, they have published a NASCAR PETS and their DRIVERS calendar.
Whether it is JR and his dog, Killer, or Greg and Michelle Biffle and their many pets, this ia a GREAT and USEFUL gift.
Biffle will be in the New Year's Day Rose Parade … (5 comments)

nascar: Birds! Bees! Even Celebri-tees! Do IT! Rent it OUT when it Will Not Sell! - 12/15/11 11:20 AM
This is a VERY interesting article in Forbes about celetri-tees renting out their UNsold homes.  I suspect that many are not late to this endeavor.
Mega-celeb in the 40s, 50s and 60s, Loretta Young, bought homes in the Venice Beach area with her mother and reinvested the income from her movies and later TV shows in more rental properties.
Early TV Cat Woman, Julie Newmar, began investing in LA real estate in the 80s and is credited with improving areas around La Brea and Fairfax Ave near the Grove.

Oprah's Streeterville CoOp

Paula Dean's Tybee Island, GA home

nascar: Tough Job? Need Shovel Ready Project? Enter Bruton Smith * FORBES Ranks him 207 out of 400 - 12/06/11 06:40 AM
You may have heard his name because his son, David, is dating EX-Batchelor choice, Emily Maynard.
...or you may know him as the MEGA-racetrack owner and major stockholer  of Speedway Motorsports.
After giving up several NASCAR Cup races at his tracks in GA and CA, Smith got a Cup race date for his REfurbished Kentucky Speedway that debuted in July, 2011 with HORRENDOUS traffic jambs for traffic surrounding the track.  Many ticket holders never got into the parking much less got to see the race.
In true NASCAR fashion, tickets for other races were provided and in 2012 * things will … (1 comments)

nascar: Crash SMASH! NASCAR has EXPENSIVE Crashes!...and Better Looking CARS! - 12/05/11 12:50 PM
I'm sorry.....this crash on a Japanese expressway is NOT the most expensive wreck...yes, it had expensive sports cars and, thankfully, no one was hurt.....

This is the "Carl Edwards" crash from the Talladega race in 2009 - Edwards #99 went airborne into the "catch fence" surrounding the track that keeps the spectators safe from such events and it came back down on the roof....this is probably a $2m CRASH as 5+ cars were involved.  NASCAR cars are HAND BUILT and specific to the types of tracks.  NASCAR teams usually lease the engines and fit them in the car chassis … (3 comments)

nascar: One Champion RETURNS! One Champion is OUSTED! Lessons to LEARN! - 12/04/11 11:12 PM
Two sports stories on Google news really hit home for me today....
Tiger Woods won yesterday in CA to end his 2 year drought for wins.  His sponsors have deserted him; his caddy has deserted and disparaged him; his wife lives half-a-world away with his children * HE'S BACK - if he ever left.  I suspect it will take more wins for the BIG BUCK sponsors to return; however, his talent has not deserted him and he is a JOY to watch on TV.
....and NASCAR Cup Champion Kurt Busch has been fired * REleased is the NASCAR term * from … (6 comments)

nascar: Good Looking Men * Fancy Dressed Women * Reba McEntire as Host * NOT the CMA Awards - 12/01/11 12:08 AM
Then WHAT you ask?......Good looking men, Fancy dressed women, Reba McEntire as host in a ballroom in Las Vegas and it is NOT the Country Music Awards?
It is the 2011 NASCAR Championship Banquet - Friday/tomorrow at 9P EST on Speed.
After several SNAFUs with this event, NASCAR has finally done it RIGHT.  A GREAT Host who has probably grown up with NASCAR, in a town KNOWN for it's hospitality, in a venue (Steve Wynn's hotel) that is welcoming AND gracious.
NASCAR "gets" that it is about the FANS.  After watching women walk into the banquet rooms in NYC with goosebumps because … (3 comments)

nascar: Richard Childress is a CLASS ACT! Asks JR and his sister for #3 for his Grandson - 11/27/11 05:32 AM
It has always amazed me how the NASCAR family has a historical reference.
Richard Childress' grandson, Austin Dilon, won the NASCAR Camping World Truck Race championship in the #3 truck.
The last time the #3 was in a NASCAR Nationwide race, it was driven by JR in the Wrangler #3 at Daytona and he WON.
Now Richard Childress wants to run the #3 for his grandson in the Nationwide series next year and he asked Dale, JR and his sister, Kelly, if they were OK with it.

Richard Childress Racing owns the RIGHT to use the #3 number.  He … (1 comments)

nascar: AWESOME NASCAR Race Yesterday! * Thank you NASCAR * Thank you SMOKE! - 11/20/11 10:17 PM
Anyone who thinks that NASCAR is for Conservative, redneck, SOUTHERNERS did not watch the NASCAR Sprint Cup Race yesterday from Homestead-MIAMI.
Thousands of military families had been invited and celebrated.  An heart-swelling singing of the National Anthem and flyover from a local military base.  3 trucks pulled a GIGANTIC American flag around the racetrack and then the First Lady and Vice President's wife along with a military family gave the command * Gentlemen, Start Your Engines.
Anyone who watched had to see the incredible feat of Tony Stewart - his CREW and his CREW Chief.....coming from the 14th starting place * … (1 comments)

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