ngic: Tenants THANK ME for NOT Sending My Repairman! - 01/06/15 12:00 AM
We are in SEVERE flu season * hand washing and face masks are everywhere * and while I don't have a lot of kids in my life, I no longer shake hands with rental prospects when showing properties and I have curtailed my desire to be Southern "kissing cousins".
So when my repairman's grandson/helper got the flu, I started advising residents with repair issues that I would not be sending him to their home until both of them were well.  I am fortunate to have a great selection of appliance, HVAC repair service firms as well as plumber and yard … (4 comments)

ngic: Mr. Property Owner...NO....This is NO LONGER Your Property! - 01/05/15 12:03 AM
When property owners become rental property owners, they often forget that the property is NO LONGER THEIRS'.
YES....they can pay the mortgage, insurance, property taxes, maintenance and repair costs....and
YES....they can receive beneficial tax deductions against their income....and
YES....they may get some appreciation if they sell it in the future....and
YES....they may get some equity by having their mortgage payments subsidized by rental income; however,
THEY CAN NOT make appointments any time they want and expect their residents to stay home to 1) show their homes to real estate agents to get THREE CMAs; nor do … (23 comments)

ngic: Which Comes FIRST? The New JOB or the New RENTAL HOME? - 08/26/14 09:34 PM
Our area has very low unemployment so when job openings do occur, most employers have to outreach to other areas for new-hires.
This often means that would-be new-hires are coming to our area for job interviews several times and looking for suitable rental housing at the same time.  I don’t mind discussing renting options via e-mail or phone, however, actually showing rental property is entirely different from showing homes for rent.

FIRST * the rental property, in a hot rental market, may well be rented by the time the prospect/new-hire will be moving;
SECOND * since I don’t … (21 comments)

ngic: I Do NOT Have to Take Your Request for Silly Rent Reduction the Owner! - 06/06/14 10:12 AM

RENTAL PROSPECT from my web site:  Will you inquire of your client if they would consider lowering the rent ? I know that a higher payemt is chosen to deter residents who would not take care of the property. I relocated from Fairfax county and I get it. I will take care of it, but I am asingle parent putting a child through University and working I'd just like to see if she would consider. thank you 
MY RESPONSE:  There is no incentive to lower the rent to less than what the owner has received for the last year.....good … (10 comments)

I did a PRE-move-out property inspection in April to see what needed to be done to RErent the property and when I gave entry notice to my current residents, they advised me that 1) they would be on vacation; and that they 2) had a camera system in their rental home with the recording feed viewable by the next door neighbor.
WHEW! I've experienced cameras on the OUTSIDE of a rental home; however setting one up on the inside a la NANNY CAM is a first for me.

Now that these residents have vacated the home they rent from … (9 comments)

ngic: Rental Prospects DISAPPEAR...Was it SOMETHING I ASKED? - 06/11/13 10:36 PM
I'm in FULL RENTING MODE...not too many properties vacant NOW; however, I will have a few in July and August so I am PREscreening as much as possible so as not to waste these prospects time FALLING IN L♥VE with my HOMES.
I respond to most e-mail, texts and voice inquires with 3 questions....
The FIRST question is important because of occupancy, extended families, # of ADULTS and the # of AUTHORIZED residents that need to be considered.
The SECOND question is important because many people … (9 comments)

ngic: TENANT IMPROVEMENT is a MISNOMER when it is not a LANDLORD IMPROVEMENT - 05/23/13 09:53 PM
From WikiPedia.....A misnomer is a word or term that suggests a meaning that is known to be wrong. Misnomers often arise because the thing named received its name long before its true nature was known. A misnomer may also be simply a word that is used incorrectly or misleadingly.[1] "Misnomer" does not mean "misunderstanding" or "popular misconception".[1] 
I received an envelope from a resident that enclose a request for MY permission for her to install a 8' privacy fence to the back of her condo townhouse...she had obtained the approval signatures of the 2 neighboring residents and had scheduled an appearance in front … (10 comments)

ngic: Forest Lakes South * 4 Bedroom * 2-Car Garage * 1st Flr MBR * $1,995 * Walk to School - 03/30/13 09:13 PM


ngic: Available July * One Level Home w/2-Car Garage * 5 Min to NGIC*CHO*DIA $1,445 - 03/23/13 08:30 PM


ngic: Great Home * on 12 Acres * Lots of Storage * 2-Car Garage * $1995 * Available NOW - 03/23/13 08:15 PM


ngic: LARGE One-Level Home w/2-Car Garage * 10 Min to NGIC*DIA*CHO * $1,445 - 03/15/13 08:14 PM


ngic: Cinderella Chronicles * Part TROIS * You should have MENTIONED That Earlier - 03/12/13 08:55 PM
I have received the majority of my lease renewal notifications back from current residents so those NON-responses are leaving so I have activated those listings on my website and started my AGGRESSIVE marketing on Craigslist.
A local family that requires a larger rental home in a specific school district contacted me to arrange a viewing.  Since the property is currently occupied, I communicated that I needed my 1-page rental application completed for all adult applicants and either SCANNED and EMAILED or FAXED back to me.....INSTEAD * they delivered their application forms to my office with their application fee check.
SORRY * … (10 comments)

ngic: Cinderella Chronicles * I have to move EARLIER than THAT! - 03/10/13 09:34 PM
My current residents have almost all renewed their leases for another year and those who have NOT * I will be activating the listing for their homes on my web site and in organize them in my Craigslist posting routine * will be moving out of the area for their employment or further education.
Because there are fewer available rental homes in the area, local renters who want to move UP or DOWN are anxious to find another rental home and
I had a rental prospect contact me about a PERFECT new home she found on my website * PERFECT … (8 comments)

ngic: You HAD Me at 3-CAR GARAGE * One-Level Home for Rent July 1 * $1,545 - 03/04/13 07:54 PM

ngic: Move-in READY * Large Contemporary Home on 5+ Acres * Earlysville, VA *$1,995 - 03/02/13 08:10 PM


ngic: How is YOUR Referral Network? Who do you REFER to? - 02/24/13 07:14 PM
I am very fortunate to have GREAT owners and residents who refer owner and tenant prospects to me....I HEART referrals!
UNFORTUNATELY, I rarely take the properties that are referred to me and I ALWAYS thank those who give me these referrals.....
I received an e-mail this morning from a new investment owner of a short sale that he and his wife will be repainting over the next few months.  A current OWNER and a current TENANT both mentioned my name to him and he acknowledged in his e-mail that he may well be over his head in his purchase and remodeling … (3 comments)

ngic: HUGE * 4-Level Town Home * STORAGE * 4th BR/Home Office * 10 Min to UVA & NGIC - 02/18/13 08:54 PM


ngic: HUGE * Upgraded 5 Bedroom Home * $1,545 * Available March * 3 Min to NGIC*DIA - 02/17/13 08:04 PM


ngic: One Level Home w/Fenced Yard at Lake Monticello $1,295...Available March - 02/15/13 08:10 PM


ngic: Rarely Available Glenwood Station Townhouse * Ready July 1 * $1,785 * Sorry No Pets - 02/15/13 07:22 PM


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