property management: OK...Now is the Time to Change Hats....Agent to Property Manager - 01/28/20 07:27 AM
As a real estate agent, the client has total input * you have a listing or a buyer broker agreement * which is job specific * SELL MY HOUSE or GET ME A NEW HOME.
Becoming a property manager means your employement may not be finite or dependent upon an end result.  If you do LEASE ONLY/TENANT LOCATION, then that is the event that governs your employment; however, property management agreements are hirings for numerous events that may be happening all at the same time.
To get the property rented, you may have to organize cleaning, repairs, yard work, and/or upgrades.  Your management … (3 comments)

property management: A Word to NEWBIE Property Managers..... - 12/30/19 07:00 AM
In these days of "multi-tasking" and providing "service above and beyond", let's not forget that PROPERTY MANAGEMENT is a specialty that requires expertise and education above and beyond general brokerage sales training.
It it not just pulling a few sheets from the lease pad in the front desk or getting sign-on authorization from your real estate forms provider, writing a lease, even just filling in the blanks, should be done with direction...from your broker, attorney or client under supervision of your broker.
If your property owner from your unsold listing has moved out of state and wants you to "manage" his home until it … (4 comments)

property management: When Tenants Do Repairs On Their Own.....Just Say NO! - 01/09/15 05:19 AM
New tenants just moved into a gorgeous townhouse that the owner lived in for 3 years and OVERimproved to the point that she would loose $100,000 if she sold it. 
In true tenant fashion - where NOTHING was WRONG - they found items that needed repair.....after a month in residence, a gas burner would not work so I suggested they clean it...they cleaned it and THEN it worked.
Then the fireplace UPgrade would not work.  The owners left the instruction manual AND a How-To on how to turn it on.  Tenant finally went to installer whose name was on … (7 comments)

property management: NOBODY Likes Being Called a LIAR! Especially Us MAVENS - 01/07/15 04:50 AM
Nobody likes being called a when tenants of mine * who I served a 5-Day Pay Rent in Full or Quit notice yesterday * e-mailed me....
Hello Wallace,   I am quite sure that the latest date postmarked for the rent that has been sent to you has been the 5th of the month.  I always have the post office postmark it in my presence just to avoid any misunderstandings.  If you can demonstrate that I'm in error, we'll pay the $300 penalty without another word.     Respectfully yours, because my MAVEN wisdom … (30 comments)

property management: Here...Let Me Do That For You! - 06/18/14 11:50 PM

I have several new properties where the owners are relocating elsewhere and moving out of their home which I will be managing.  This will be a very hectic time for them so taking as much of a load off of them is a benefit for us all.
In my initial property presentation, my frequent comment is that “I Can Do That For You!”   I can:
1) have repairs and painting done so that the property shows BEST in photos and rental prospect viewings;
2) have the property cleaned PROFESSIONALLY after move-out so that the first renters … (3 comments)

property management: Why I Don't Get Multiple Bids for Work on My Clients' Properties - 05/31/14 11:29 PM
I have a property owner client who has known for 4 months her residents of 3 years were leaving the end of June.  

I did a PRE-move-out inspection the end of March to assess what needed to be done in the “make ready” process for new residents.  I made the inspection with the Class B contractor I have used for over 15 years.  He gave up a workday to drive to 6 properties with me while we performed this process because he 1) knows how I want for my properties; and 2) he appreciates that I am his BEST … (23 comments)

property management: SmartyPhone Property Manager (Landlord)#3 * TEXTING*It's the NEW Black - 04/03/14 01:56 AM
I have found the ♥ of TEXTING....even before Craigslist allowed responses to their postings via TEXT....I found TEXTING as a viable alternative to voicemail a few years ago.
contact info
email  CL mail relay (recommended) [?] show my real email address no replies to this email  
users can also contact me: by phone by text  phone number   contact name My smartyphone allowes for me to put a "signature" in my texts so I have my name and an active link to my website at the bottom of my texts AUTOMATICALLY.
I can keep track of our texting conversations because if my correspondant is already … (6 comments)

property management: Rental Prospects DISAPPEAR...Was it SOMETHING I ASKED? - 06/11/13 10:36 PM
I'm in FULL RENTING MODE...not too many properties vacant NOW; however, I will have a few in July and August so I am PREscreening as much as possible so as not to waste these prospects time FALLING IN L♥VE with my HOMES.
I respond to most e-mail, texts and voice inquires with 3 questions....
The FIRST question is important because of occupancy, extended families, # of ADULTS and the # of AUTHORIZED residents that need to be considered.
The SECOND question is important because many people … (9 comments)

property management: TENANT IMPROVEMENT is a MISNOMER when it is not a LANDLORD IMPROVEMENT - 05/23/13 09:53 PM
From WikiPedia.....A misnomer is a word or term that suggests a meaning that is known to be wrong. Misnomers often arise because the thing named received its name long before its true nature was known. A misnomer may also be simply a word that is used incorrectly or misleadingly.[1] "Misnomer" does not mean "misunderstanding" or "popular misconception".[1] 
I received an envelope from a resident that enclose a request for MY permission for her to install a 8' privacy fence to the back of her condo townhouse...she had obtained the approval signatures of the 2 neighboring residents and had scheduled an appearance in front … (10 comments)

property management: Rental Prospet is UPSET WITH ME! SHE SAYS You Don't Have That Many Homes for Rent - 05/20/13 04:37 PM
I've been getting calls from a PA area code for several days, no voicemail left and I have responded via TEXT with a link to my website. 1AM, I am getting an e-mail from the PA rental prospect who has driven to our area to "check out the neighborhood" of a rental home I have on my web site.
In her e-mail, she is FRUSTRATED that she drove for 5 hours only to be turned away because the home is located IN A GATED COMMUNITY.
I'd LIKE to respond that she should have followed my TEXT instructions and viewed the … (11 comments)

property management: YES! You are a PROFESSIONAL - however your SERVICE is often the Quality of your NEWEST employee - 05/05/13 08:40 PM
I have a recently departed resident (left her rental home I manage) who forgot to organize for the unit keys and entry for her house and carpet cleaners.
The unit has a gang key box on it; however, since I did not know the cleaner staff member who contacted me to arrange for a unit key, I did not give him the keybox code. I have organized for a unit key to be in the drop box outside of my office door for him to pick up.
He needs to return it to the same place this afternoon so that the … (13 comments)

property management: Lake Monticello Home * One Level w/2-Car Garage * $1,395 * Available July 1 - 04/20/13 09:26 PM


property management: One-Level Lake Monticello Homew/Fenced Yd * 1 Block from Main Beach * $1,275 - 04/20/13 09:20 PM


property management: Cinderella Chronicles * Part 25 * OH! By the way......This should have been mentioned EARLIER - 04/17/13 08:09 PM
I am in the process of amending and adding to my SPRING HVAC service list.  It will go with new property keys to my HVAC service firm on Friday.
This AM, I received a call from one of my new clients that she has a service contract for her HVAC and that her firm needs to arrange entry.
When I was searching for a new HVAC service firm several years ago, I called HER HVAC maintenance vendor about bidding my clients' properties - 85 to 100 properties serviced 2x annually....AND I NEVER RECEIVED A CALL BACK.
I even had my attorney … (16 comments)

property management: Cinderella Chronicles * Part 23 * DIY Landlord AD says SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY! - 04/15/13 08:06 PM
During my aggressive Craigslist posting marketing routine, I click on the DIY listings that frequently appear and as they return over and over * usually on Monday because they forgot to post on the weekend * more are featuring SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY! my CINDERELLA Chronicles series, this makes sense - DIY landlords only NEED one SERIOUS RENTAL PROSPECT to rent their home whereas I and other property managers want A LOT of SERIOUS INQUIRIES so that we can PUT A LOT OF FEET in our GLASS SLIPPER.
By putting SERIOUS RENTAL PROSPECTS ONLY in their ads, DIY landlords are saying … (22 comments)

property management: Cinderella Chronicles * Part XXII * Bottom Feeders Think ALL Rental Homes are for SALE - 04/14/13 08:57 PM
One of the pitfalls of my frequent use of Craigslist for marketing my clients' AVAILABLE rental properties is that they are EASY to rental prospects AND listing SCAMMERS and LAZY Agents and BUYERS.
Several of my clients have been contacted by UNknown persons indicating they want to BUY their property.  This is not a NEW issue - just has a twist.
My listings appear VACANT in my online postings so my clients are not loosing any $$$....they are getting rent.  Also, I start advertising EARLIER when I know that residents are leaving so that I have a MUCH WIDER net … (3 comments)

property management: Cinderella Chronicles * Part XXI * YES! I need ALL OF THAT INFORMATION, please - 04/10/13 02:43 AM
My rental application is only 1 page and one-third of that is boilerplate Q&A about filing bankruptcy, being evicted, having a criminal history so completing it is fairly easy; however, for some reason, some rental prospects are curious why I require some of the information I am requesting.
This ONE PIECE of PAPER may be the ONLY time I get valuable information on rental prospects and this ONE PIECE of PAPER gets them a new home.  
Mortgage loan qualifications often take a ream of paper and hours of compiling financial, stock, retirement, liability balances and income figures...and then the BANK/mortgage … (4 comments)

property management: Cinderella Chronicles * Part XX * I Do NOT Think your Out-of-Office Reply is Helping - 04/04/13 09:13 PM
I am in HEAVY renting mode with only 2 VACANT/Available NOW when I get a rental prospect inquiry for one of these propertie - I want to schedule a viewing ASAP.
I have been in communication with a rental prospect attempting to set up a viewing on Saturday and I keep getting her Out-of-Office e-mail reply when attempting to get a confirmation of the showing time.
It is unfortunate if she only has her WORK e-mail to use during this process and if she is truly UNAVAILABLE to respond.

I'll keep posting these homes online and will schedule … (10 comments)

property management: Cinderella Chronicles * Part 17 * Wallace turns 1,000,000 in Dog (ActiveRain) Years - 04/01/13 08:32 PM
In almost 50 years as a property manager, I have had some awesome milestones....
Obtaining my Certified Property Manager (CPM) designation from the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) in January, 1986
Obtaining my Master Property Manager (MPM) designation from the National Association of Rental Property Managers (NARPM) in September, 2000 * first property manager in Virginia to obtain this designation
Being Chair of the Virginia Association of Realtors (VAR) Property Management Council for 2 terms * 1998 through 2000
HOWEVER.....I will FOREVER cherish my FIRST 1,000,000 points on ActiveRain.  I wanted to get my 1M badge by the end of … (49 comments)

property management: Forest Lakes South * 4 Bedroom * 2-Car Garage * 1st Flr MBR * $1,995 * Walk to School - 03/30/13 09:13 PM


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