rental leasing: OK...Now is the Time to Change Hats....Agent to Property Manager - 01/28/20 07:27 AM
As a real estate agent, the client has total input * you have a listing or a buyer broker agreement * which is job specific * SELL MY HOUSE or GET ME A NEW HOME.
Becoming a property manager means your employement may not be finite or dependent upon an end result.  If you do LEASE ONLY/TENANT LOCATION, then that is the event that governs your employment; however, property management agreements are hirings for numerous events that may be happening all at the same time.
To get the property rented, you may have to organize cleaning, repairs, yard work, and/or upgrades.  Your management … (3 comments)

rental leasing: Nope! You are not going to have a home inspection of my client's property, Mr./Mrs. Tenants! - 01/13/11 06:58 AM
When I first saw this post topic earlier this week, I realized that the AR member was mixing apples and oranges and subsequent comments on the original post and REblogs have proven me correct. The PROPERTY OWNER may well want to have a property inspection BEFORE offering a property for lease and when clients first purchase an investment property, I request a copy of the inspection so that I know what to expect with regard to the various mechanical systems, etc. A TENANT PROSPECT requesting a property inspection before renting a property is totally unnecessary! Additionally, any inspection would have to … (5 comments)

rental leasing: What Goes Around * Comes Around! Turn Left into ANOTHER NASCAR Career! - 01/05/11 10:42 PM
Junior Johnson has a past life of movie, political and racing legend. Enshrined in the FIRST class of the NASCAR Hall of Fame, Johnson was pardoned for his bootlegging days by Ronald W. Reagan, immortalized in the movie * The Last American Hero, mentioned in The Boss' Cadillac Ranch, had a highway named after him, won 50 races and retired as the "winningest driver NEVER to win a championship"....and now, he's back in the racing game with a team for his son, Robert. Robert is a junior in Lewisville, NC and will attend Duke University.  In the meantime, the NEW Junior … (3 comments)

rental leasing: Hollymead Home for Lease * Available Dec 1 * $1545.00 * Walk to Pool * Hollymeand/Sutherland Schools - 11/12/10 11:13 PM
Rental Home - Charlottesville, VA Single family rental,

rental leasing: I'm sorry rental prospects that your real estate agent dropped the ball ♥ I'll be happy to assist you! - 07/27/10 11:20 PM
I got a call on Monday morning from prospects wanting to see a home I have for rent.  It took me 30 minutes to get to the property and they were waiting outside  While showing the home, they indicated they were selling their home in NY and wanted to rent for a year before buying....PERFECT!!!  They then indicated they had gotten a referral to a local real estate agent and when they indicated they wanted to rent for a year, they never heard back from her and started looking for rental homes on their own. Since they only had 3 days … (8 comments)

rental leasing: FIVE ITEMS I WISH I had on my FIRST Day in Real Estate!!! - 05/25/10 11:25 PM
I WISH I had known to have these when I first started in real estate * NEWBIES take note! 1)  Loads of cheap pens * I used to buy cheap pens in bulk and they never lasted and were easily lost.  I need them at my home, at my office, in my car and in my property presentation folder.  I know I spent hundred$ of dollar$ over my career buying these pens. 
NOW, I get FREE pens from SirSpeedy when I have my printing done.  I have actually managed to keep them AND have run several out of ink!  I … (4 comments)

rental leasing: I LOVE AdLiked * I post their FREE ad DAILY on Craigslist AFTER my Rental Ads!!! - 02/28/10 05:04 AM


rental leasing: Flat screen TV over a fireplace ? Think about this.. - 01/05/10 09:27 PM
I LOVE Chuck's blogs!!!  I've been showing properties since Jan 2nd to new government employees moving into the area....they ALL have new TVs that need to be accommodated so this is timely and USEFUL information...thanks AGAIN, Chuck!!
     Many people now are buying the new modern type televisions that fasten to the wall. This for example from a safety feature means that you must be absolutely sure that it is mounted correctly.Ok wait, I'm jumping the gun here. If you're adamant about installing your flat screen above a fireplace and you've got money to burn (ahem...) you can dig … (6 comments)

rental leasing: UNPROFESSIONAL * YEAH!!! That's ME!!!! - 10/08/09 05:01 AM
For the third time in a week, I have been called unprofessional....the first instance was with the applicant who failed to follow my instructions for securing a lease on a home she viewed; then, a resident whose son broke into the rented unit and had the police called on them (police called me) and I e-mailed the father what had occured and that he needed to have the screen repaired e-mailed me I was "unprofessional"; and then, a would-be property owner client wanted me to start work on renting their unsold home BEFORE I had received their management paperwork....basically stepping on … (10 comments)

rental leasing: In Lease Negotiations, advising all of the parties may not be ethical...... - 10/06/09 05:24 AM
This is a tough one and I have talked to other property managers as to how they handle similar situations and they handle these instances differently.
Prospect applicant #1 submits an application and arranges a viewing 3 days later.  She is driving 3 hours to view the property. I offer to bring a lease for her if she gives me her move-in date and she can give me a check for the move-in monies if she wants the home.....we meet, she has no move-in date, no check and there is no lease signed....later, after deciding on a move-in date, she continues … (5 comments)

rental leasing: Our local Craigslist does not have ENOUGH listings with PHOTOS!!! - 08/25/09 02:25 AM
Although we are getting toward the end of our local (Central Va) rental season, there are more Craigslist listings without photos....many local property managers and landlords left with un-rented inventory are posting many listings at one sitting/day rather than taking the time to create a postlet HTML ad or even upload 4 photos to the regular CL rental listing.
Many indicate they don't want to deal with the SPAMMERS who take their property photos and cause them additional work by having to respond to callers on the SPAM ads and some do not have attractive photos since their residents are still … (7 comments)

rental leasing: VA in the TOP 20 SAFEST STATES at 14th... - 03/31/09 12:09 AM
Wallet Pop has Virginia ranked 14th in their top 20 safest states....Having these types of figures in our frequently asked questions is excellent marketing for our properties, our area AND our state!!

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