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  I think its about time these's guys get a little relief! But, how do you determine which 400K people get the help and which ones don't. Read this and decide for yourself. Current refinancing plans are still set to help 400,000 homeowners find mortgage relief by the end of this year. U.S. Depart...
I know that active rain is full of information, and as time have become a bit slower I have decided to expand my education and knowledge of all of the real estate fields. Do anyone have any experience in the field of scholarships for real estate designations?, or know where such information exist...
  "I found one house that the real estate agent said was bank owned, sold as is, a fixer-upper. It is reasonably priced with little information but it foreclosed. The house was dirty and filled with stuff. They said the garbage will be emptied. They were unable to tell me much about utilities and...
Its clear and apparent that things are slow all over right now. So in this down time what are you folks doing with all your spare time? Are you getting ready for the next wave, and if so what are you doing to prepare!? Are you spending time with the family and vacationing? If so where The reason ...
According to the National Association of Home Builders Chief Economist, David Seiders, Congress needs to consider aiding the real estate market with more economic stimuli. "Things are a lot worse than any of us had anticipated six months ago," Seiders said in a recent statement, and the nation's ...
I was talking with one of my colleagues this morning and he told me of a guy he was speaking with yesterday.  This client said he had wait to purchase a home because he didn't quite have 20% for a down payment yet.  Many consumers right now would like to purchase a home, but they are worried that...
I have talked to a few agents from one of my target markets and they seem to believe the website do not do much for there business. How valuable to you think websites are to your business? I personally I think it a great place to sink advertising dollars and I also believe that paying someone to ...
I had recently read a post about an agent inability to service a list and had even forgotten she had the listing. If you don't want to be a listing agent folks then don't take the listings, if you can't service them you don't do anything but hurt yourself and the name of REaltors in general. Our ...
A second round of government spending could be on the horizon, with a recent speech from Fed chairman Ben Bernanke topping the list of those recommending the consideration and careful planning of a new Congressional stimulus package. "With the economy likely to be weak for several quarters, and w...
10/22/2008 If you get a chance read this, it won't matter to some but its a big deal to us as we specialize in New Construction. This will make you think that maybe the biz to be in it the building hardware biz and new construction supply. I also f...

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