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When I started blogging on AR I assumed all of the members knew what they were doing and already had a web page. I just knew realtors were technologically sophisticated, and I was the last person in the country to do something about joining the 21st century. This old dog didn't want to learn new ...
I've been on AR long enough now to have learned about stickies and blogging, Google Analytics and tags, conversions that have nothing to do with religion, and, oh yes, why I want to be a millionaire. So, it's been fun.And after one contest under my belt, I'M GOING FOR THE STICKIES, and I want to ...
We now have a winner of the contest I blogged called "These odds are muuuuuch better than Lotto". Congratulations to Jim Gordon, a realtor with Sibcy Cline Realtors in Hamilton, Ohio, who has won 50 WeveMovedGifts.com personalized change-of-address cards for his next closing. Jim, with as many po...
Thanks to some very nice ActiveRainers who have been trying to show me the ropes over the last week or so, I have been encouraged to show pictures of the closing gifts I am marketing at www.wevemovedgifts.com. I have an extremely nice nucleus of customers who order repeatedly from me -- the best ...
As someone who sells closing gifts (http://www.wevemovedgifts.com/), I get a number of questions about what I feel should guide the decision as to what to select for a client gift. For me, the answer is simple - it should be personal and meaningful to the home buyer or seller. Then it is a great ...
Labor Day is a week away!!! Am I the only one who just noticed? The last quarter of the year is upon us, and now it's a downhill dash to finish out the year well. I'm ready coach. Put me in. I can make the numbers.If all else fails, I guess I can look for a sugar daddy.Wishing you all much success!!
Until recently, when an ActiveRain member clued me in, I thought stickies were how your tongue and fingers felt after licking a lot of stamps and envelopes. I've been there, done that, more than I care to remember, so the task of preparing mail was my association to stickies, not Internet marketi...
If it's true that "a picture is worth a thousand words," then I hope you will find that the following photos support the opinion I presented in my blog, Let Professionals Do Their Jobs .Can individuals sell their homes FSBO? Sure they can. Are they somehow better off for doing it? I don't think s...
The odds of winning a free closing gift are still great for those who want to take me up on my offer yesterday. As I always say, "It ain't over until the not-so-fat lady sings.Take a look at These odds are muuuuuch better than Lotto
The odds of winning a free closing gift are great for those who took me up on my offer earlier today. As I always say, "It ain't over until the not-so-fat lady sings.Take a look at These odds are muuuuuch better than Lotto  

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