personalized change of address cards: Old Adage Motivates Me - 05/20/08 06:48 AM
You know what they say -- whoever they are: When the going gets tough, the tough get going. So, I have been wracking my brain to find a better way to stimulate business. As it turns out, price was certainly one way. But in order to do that, I had to deal with my costs as well.
Voila! By George, I think I have done it.
One thing I have been clear on from the getgo -- Realtors and their clients like my closing gifts. But as things have tightened up for everyone, I too have been impacted. So I recently … (0 comments)

personalized change of address cards: Do You Expect Customer Service? - 09/04/07 06:26 AM
Call me silly, but I still expect great cutomer service from the peope with whom I do business. After all, I bend over backwards for my customers. Why shouldn't I expect the same?
Well, what I want is very different from reality. Why is the hair on the back of my neck standing up as I write this rant? I have already spent two days sitting and waiting for my cable provider to fix the service to my home. On the first day, a technician was supposed to come to my home between 8am and 11am. I was told I had to … (2 comments)

personalized change of address cards: And the WINNER Is.... - 08/31/07 02:33 AM
We now have a winner of the contest I blogged called "These odds are muuuuuch better than Lotto".
Congratulations to Jim Gordon, a realtor with Sibcy Cline Realtors in Hamilton, Ohio, who has won 50 personalized change-of-address cards for his next closing. 
Jim, with as many points as you have on AR, it's no wonder you won!!!! You're on all the time.
Now, here are just a few particulars -- hard for me to believe, but there were only 20 entries out of the 25 openings in the contest. I'm guessing that many of you thought the contest was over and therefore … (2 comments)


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